CleanLINZ from M.A.R.S.

Oral Health Group was at the ODA’s ASM150 and spoke with M.A.R.S.’ Jason Büyüközer about their CleanLINZ product, breaking down organic waste to make dental … more

Dental Symposium from T.I.D.E.

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Your Top Picks: April 2017

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Future of Dentistry

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In This Issue…

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Celebrating 20 Years with HANSAmed

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FUSION 5 Curing Light from DentLight

Oral Health editorial board member George Freedman speaks with Richard Liu, owner of DentLight, at the 2017 Pacific Dental Conference. They discuss the growing innovations … more

ABELDent Advantage from ABELDent

ABELDent’s Kel McKay announced to Melissa Summerfield the unveiling of their new ABELDent Advantage software at the 2017 Pacific Dental Conference. Find out more about … more

LibertyBOSS from M.A.R.S Bio-Med

Melissa Summerfield spoke with M.A.R.S at the 2017 Pacific Dental Conference and discovered the medical disaster that led to the creation of the company. Get … more

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