Ceramir from Doxa at PDC 2017

At this year’s Pacific Dental Conference we spoke with Doxa’s Claudia Walters about Ceramir, a cement product that is easy to use and shows seamless … more

Pacific Dental Conference 2017 Overview

This year’s Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia saw over 250 exhibitors and thousands of dental professionals learning about new techniques, procedures and products … more

Best Advice from Dr. Les Rykiss

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The 411 on Student Debt

Wilson Chen takes us through another video discussing student debt – something we’re all too familiar with. In this edition of Best Practices – Financial … more

The 411 on Student Debt

Understanding your student debt from dental school is one thing, but do you understand what to do with it? Wilson Chen takes this video to … more

Your Top Picks: February 2017

February is known to be a “blue” month, but we saw some great interactions on our social media from our readers and followers! While our … more

Your Top Picks: January 2017

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Digital Dentistry with Martin Guibord

Oakville dentist, Dr. Martin Guibord, takes this Best Practices session to go over some of the confusions dentists face with rapidly advancing dental technology. Dr. … more

Best Advice: David Chong Yen Talks Taxes

[newcomjwdfp id=”BRRpibvt-GEWIrHLo”] David Chong Yen shares his best advice for dentists looking to run their practices without running low on cash. Fresh out of dentistry … more

Digital Dentistry with Bobby Chagger

In the second installment of Best Practices, Dr. Bobby Chagger guides us through the successes and challenges digital dentistry presents in 2017. As technology advances … more

‘Best Practices’ Introduction

‘Best Practices‘ is a weekly editorial video series exploring clinical dentistry and practice management. Look for advice and expertise on industry developments, office communication, digital … more