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June 15, 2020 News DentistryNewsOral Health

How’s the Economy Doing? Watch the Dentists

by The New York Times

Dentist offices tend to be stable businesses that stick around for decades, unlike restaurants that open and close frequently. Dentists earn a healthy salary — a median of $159,000 — and offer services with no clear substitute. If you need your teeth

August 20, 2011 News Practice management

File it under; just because you’re a suit, don’t make ya smart!

by ken

It’s the economy stupid!  Came across this interesting story; it can be distilled down to apply to any business. Know the lay of the land, look down the road……in the immortal words of Creedence Clearwater Revival – try to see

July 6, 2011 News General News

Many who skipped dental visits in the recession now face pricey procedures

by ken

At first I had a hard time with this news byte. Palm Beach, home of The Donald, Melania and “Baron”…good thing The Donald will own the school Baron goes to or the schoolyard harassment would be endless. Granted it is

June 28, 2011 News Electronic Health RecordsGeneral NewsPractice management

Dental assistant in the clink for embezzling $200K

by ken

How did someone manage to embezzle $200K in this economy from her office with no one the wiser?  That question being posed, I’m calling my accountant this morning to do a forensic audit of my practice…shhhhhhhhh From Dr. Bicuspid –

May 25, 2011 News General News

The world is flat – everything is global

by ken

2011-12-12 14:31:31

March 8, 2011 News General News

Your morning, afternoon, evening or midnight smile – depending on when you read this blather….

by ken

And you thought dentists were having it rough in this economy…….

August 14, 2010 News General News

“Take the chute” – makes for one heckuva staff meeting

by ken

by Peggy Noonan Why has the JetBlue flight attendant story captured everyone’s imagination? Because the whole country wants to take the emergency chute.  You know the story: A steward named Steven Slater, after a difficult flight, apparently got fed up,

May 19, 2010 News General News

Time for comments…….life in a vacuum kinda sucks

by ken

The world is flat, it’s a global economy, loyalty to the company is a thing of the past, we’ll all be working as contract players, it’s a new economy, learn Mandarin, yadda and yadda.  No one can predict the future…….if

May 17, 2010 News Practice management

That was then; this is now

by ken

Image via Wikipedia The global economy has changed, and the dental world is forced to change. too. Once thought by most to be recession-proof, dental practices are being impacted by the economic downturn in many ways. Today’s economic conditions are