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November 1, 2019 News News

Use FDA MedWatch To Report Poor Clinical Outcomes From DIY Plastic Teeth Aligners

by ADA News

The ADA reminds dentists of the Food and Drug Administration’s MedWatch voluntary reporting form to report poor clinical outcomes associated with the use of medical devices, including direct-to-consumer plastic teeth aligners offered by several companies. This resource provides important data to the

September 9, 2019 News News

FDA Seeks Pulmonary And Dental Sleep Experts For Medical Devices Advisory Committee Panels

by Sleep Review

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a notice requesting nominations for voting members to serve on the Medical Devices Advisory Committee (MDAC) device panels, which reviews data on the safety and effectiveness of marketed and investigational devices and makes recommendations

March 7, 2012 News PharmacologyPharmacotherapeutics

Statins and Diabetes: Real Concern or Much Ado About Nothing?

by ken

From Forbes In a New York Times Op-Ed piece on Monday, Eric Topol comments on last week’s announcement by the FDA that it was changing the label for statins. Topol focuses on the new warning that statins raise the risk of diabetes. He

September 9, 2011 News Pharmacology

FDA advisers consider time limit for bone drugs

by ken

From Reuters Health Information September 9, 2011 — ADELPHI, Md. (Reuters) – U.S. health advisers are considering a time limit for taking a class of drugs used by millions of women to prevent bone fractures, due to concerns over unusual fractures

May 10, 2011 News Pathology

Staph Infection Battle Adds New Rapid Diagnostic Test

by ken

From Health News, by Susan Brady, May 9, 2011 Last Friday, the FDA cleared a diagnostic test that will be able to quickly determine staph infections and their resistance to antibiotics. Staphylococci bacteria are common in infections, but many are

May 7, 2011 News ImplantologyInnovations in dentistryStem cell research

New Directions – taking this one to sectionals with glee

by ken

from PRWeb.com There is a raft of new and innovative materials in the constellation of bone augmentation…. curasan AG Receives License for Ceracell® Dental in the USA curasan AG has received FDA certification for its new granular bone regeneration material

March 17, 2011 News Dental amalgamRestorative

FDA chews on debate over dental amalgams

by ken

Written by Jeffrey Wolf IRVING, Texas – The FDA is listening to people worried about toxic teeth. Dentists say some fillings could be harmful to your health and fillings are big business. Seventy eight percent of Americans have at least

March 12, 2011 News CAD/CAMCosmetic DentistryInnovations in dentistryLaser DentistryOrthodonticsPeriodontologyTrends in Dentistry

LANAP Invisalign Veneer – A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime.

by ken

Patient has advanced gum disease also known as Severe Periodontal disease. She would like a pretty smile. LANAP is an FDA cleared laser periodotal procedure that is FDA cleared to reverse gum disease. Invisalign is an alternative to braces. Veneer

March 8, 2011 News Anaesthesia

Needle free anaesthesia – thought Charlie Sheen called that cocaine

by ken

St. Renatus, LLC, With Guidance From The U.S. Food And Drug Administration, Has Established Readiness To Proceed To Phase 3 Trials From Medical News Today St. Renatus, LLC, the northern Colorado start-up Company dedicated to bringing to market a needle-free

December 10, 2010 News Restorative

FDA to reexamine metal dental fillings

by ken

By Susan Heavey WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. health regulators are seeking a second opinion on whether mercury-containing dental fillings pose a risk to dental patients, especially children and pregnant women. Food and Drug Administration officials said that while there are