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September 28, 2016 News Dental CareDentistryNewsOral Health

Dental Fillings Equal Mercury Exposure

by ScienceDaily

Dental surface restorations composed of dental amalgam, a mixture of mercury, silver, tin and other metals, significantly contribute to prolonged mercury levels in the body, according to new research from the University of Georgia’s department of environmental health science in

September 16, 2016 News

33rd Annual AACD Scientific Session in Las Vegas

by Oral Health

Did you know the very first AACD Annual Scientific Session was held in Las Vegas at the MGM Hotel in 1984? Now, 33 years later, AACD returns to Las Vegas with a winning approach to comprehensive cosmetic dentistry education. The

August 9, 2016 News FinancesManagementOffice ManagementOverall Health

Three Steps to Improved Financial Health

by Oral Health

Today’s unpredictable, uncertain and rapidly changing world demands that more attention than ever be paid to you mental health, physical health and ”fiscal” health. Here are three steps you can follow to improve your fiscal health: 1.    Responsibility – You

October 12, 2015 News Customer serviceKeeping you guessingManagementPatient ManagementPractice management

Tips on How to Interact with Patients Who Have Mental Health, Intellectual, Learning Disabilities or Language/Speech Impairments

by sandie

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act ( AODA) is a law in Ontario that allows the government to develop specific standards of accessibility and to enforce them. Recognizing the history of discrimination against persons with disabilities in Ontario, the

December 29, 2011 News Systemic links

Stop worrying or you’ll make yourself sick!

by ken

Dr. Robert Adler was an experimental psychologist who was among the first scientists to show how mental processes influence the body’s immune system. Sadly, he passed away on Tuesday, December the 27th. His legacy however, looms large. Whether it is

November 13, 2011 News Cloud computingDental TeamDigital radiographyElearningElectronic Health RecordsEncryption

Dentists ready for eHealth surgery

by ken

Please read this very carefully – I’ve been encouraging the folks on the committee to mandate encryption of records and communication in Ontario to step out from behind the curtain with no real luck.  Again, read VERY carefully and note

November 11, 2011 News Electronic Health RecordsEncryption

Q&A: Blumenthal Talks EHRs, Healthcare Reform

by ken

This discourse needs to continue. The offer remains on the table or in this case the tablet…..this blog, any blog is a forum for dialogue. It will be handled with professionalism and respect……………mandated encryption in Ontario will likely lead to

July 29, 2011 News Clinical case report - prostho/ortho

La Dolce Vita

by ken

From ZERODONTO – by Drs. Cozzolino, Mariniello, Sorrentino and CDT Sacchetta A new technique of prosthetic dental abutment movement with individualized fixed resin provisional crowns and resilient material is proposed……. Clinical case 1 A man 26 years old came to

July 28, 2011 News General NewsPeriodontologyPharmacology

Mouthwashing moms less likely to have a preemie

by ken

By Kerry Grens – July 28, 2011 (Reuters Health) – Expectant mothers who have gum disease are less likely to deliver their babies prematurely if they use mouthwash throughout their pregnancy, a new study suggests. Pregnant women with gum disease,

July 27, 2011 News Social mediaSocial networking

Nothing goes better with scrubs than a pair of Kate Spade stilettos

by ken

From Dentistry IQ – July 22, 2011 FAIR LAWN,New Jersey–MIS Implants Technologies’ new oral health products brand, PeriZone, has launched a Facebook page that will be introduced and promoted July 28-30, 2011, during RDH Under One Roof. Specifically, the company

July 27, 2011 News CancerPathology

VELscope Vx is LED Dental’s newest model release of the VELscope system

by ken

2011-12-12 14:45:44

July 27, 2011 News Electronic Health Records

Noah! Build me an ark…..the flood has begun

by ken

Secure networks for health care data communication and discourse……up the ramp, two by two now…. Image via Wikipedia US Healthcare is in crisis. Costs are rising rapidly, quality is poor or inconsistent and access or choice is inadequate. These problems,

June 2, 2011 News Health care tourism

Looking for a locum? Health and Dental Tourism: What’s Happening in Hungary, Turkey & Oklahoma?

by ken

The fact that ANYTHING is happening in Oklahoma warrants this blog entry. From Worldental.org – June 1, 2011 In Hungary, the dental tourism profits reach a stunning 227 million Euros annually,which means that the country has got as much as 40% share

June 2, 2011 News Chronic dental care for the elderlyCommunity outreachGeneral NewsGovernment regulationsSystemic links

Challenges Facing the American/Canadian Dental System – Are They Solvable?

by ken

From Worldental.org – June 1st, 2011 Oral health has long been the subject of debate. Many believe, and studies have proven, that effective oral care is essential to overall general health and well-being. Unfortunately, there are currently millions of Americans

May 25, 2011 News General News

The world is flat – everything is global

by ken

2011-12-12 14:31:31

May 23, 2011 News Cancer

Thyroid Cancer and Dental X-rays are Unrelated

by ken

From Worldental.org Many individuals believe that dental X-rays can increase the risk for developing thyroid cancer. However, here are a few things you should know right before you start dwelling on the same question: One of the most important things is

May 23, 2011 News BlogsTrends in Dental EducationWebsites

Dental School Blogs

by ken

Curious as to what dental schools were doing re; blogging and making alumni aware – lo and behold………http://uoftdentistrylibrary.blogspot.com/ which included a great piece on – drum roll please…………In 1911, 100 years ago, Oral Health was founded (Johnson 353). As one of

May 22, 2011 News Health care tourism

Canadians warming up to idea of ‘medical tourism’ – can dentistry be far behind?

by ken

2011-12-12 14:30:07

May 21, 2011 News Orthodontics

More Veritas – Tooth Movement: Health Science or Unhealthy Cosmetics?

by ken

2011-12-12 14:30:01

May 13, 2011 News Dental HygieneNew TechnologiesTradeshows

Ah chlorhexidine, we hardly knew yee……….

by ken

From Kathy Kincaide – Dr. Bicuspid.com – May 13, 2011 Sunstar Americas unveiled the GUM PerioShield oral health rinse at the California Dental Association (CDA) 2011 spring meeting in Anaheim this week.  PerioShield, which features technology licensed  Image via Wikipedia from