Hygiene Spotlight: Sonya Dunbar

Hygiene Spotlight features an exceptional dental hygienist every month. This month we are showcasing Sonya Dunbar, the face behind the Geriatric Toothfairy brand. Why did … more

Caring for Your Back in Dentistry

Whether you’re a dentist, dental hygienist or assistant, you work in a fabulous profession! Dental professionals take care of people for a living, our industry … more

business dental hygiene

The Business Of Dental Hygiene

As a practicing dental hygienist, I focused on the delivery of patient-centred care, avoided the financial and operational aspects of a dental practice, and had … more

The Right Question

“How’s your dog?” “What’s new with the kids?” “Are there any changes in your health history?” These are typical and appropriate questions to ask patients … more

Get Fit, Get Smarter!

Your three-pound brain is the CEO of your whole body’s operation. It’s the playmaker, manager and overseer. It keeps 2000 gallons of blood surging through … more