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T.I.D.E Basic Implant Mini Residency
September 16, 2019 Video Sponsored Dental Video

Paid T.I.D.E. Comprehensive Dental Education For Clinical Success

by Oral Health

Dr. Mark Lin discusses The Institute for Dental Excellence’s upcoming Basic Implant Mini Residency Program, which is being hosted in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. The dates for each city can be found at www.tideinc.ca.

October 18, 2016 Feature Dental TechnologyImplantologyOral SurgeryPeriodontics

Case Report: The Titanium Smile

by Daniel Kobric, BSc, DMD, MSc (Perio), FRCD(C)

Achieving ideal esthetics in addition to restoring the patient’s function is every clinician’s goal. Successful outcomes in restorative dentistry are well documented in publications and readily displayed in practice promotional materials. Although most patients are happy with the treatment outcomes,

October 18, 2016 Feature ImplantologyOral HealthOral SurgeryPeriodontics

Dental Implant Prosthetics: Using a Modified Installation Technique

by Emil L. A. Svoboda, PhD, DDS

Abstract Many clinicians prefer to install implant prosthetics by the screw-in method because they believe that this method allows for prosthesis retrievability. However, retrievability does not result from the prosthesis installation method, but relates to “Retrievability Features” created by the

February 19, 2012 News ImplantologyNew Technologies

Hiossen Osstem Cas-Kit Crestal Approuch sinus lifting kit

by ken


February 3, 2012 News ImplantologyPeriodontology

Single Tooth Dental Implant Restoration (Teeth in a Day)

by ken

Cary Feuerman is the founder of WebDental www.webdental.com – While this is less instructive in terms of clinical imagery than I would like to see on Mouthing Off, nonetheless, it’s a good exemplar of what Oral Health’s blog should be showcasing;

July 10, 2011 News ImplantologyWebsites

???????, Hva implantat er at, Mikä implantti on, että,Ano magtanim ay na

by ken

2011-12-12 14:43:30

April 16, 2011 News Implantology

Seating crowns on implant abutments

by ken

The word NEXUS has been in my lexicon for 137 years. It was “stolen” from Avrum King who wrote a newsletter back in the 70’s and 80’s on practice management. His background or so he claimed was rumour and propaganda

October 20, 2010 News Cone beam computed tomographyTrends in Dental Education

Multidimensional Imaging: Immediate and Imminent Issues

by ken

by Allan G. Farman, BDS, PhD, MBA, DSc; William C. Scarfe, BDS,MS,FRACDS; and Michiel van Genuchten, PhD While dentistry of the future will likely include interventions such as biologic scaffolding and tissue regeneration, dentistry of the present and near future will

July 30, 2010 News Orthodontics

A Simple Wire Guide for Positioning Microimplants

by ken

The objective of this post is to derive increasing orthodontic contribution to the blog. One of the primary uses of mini-screws and implants is anchorage for a variety of orthodontic treatment objectives…..the scope of orthodontics as a result of three

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