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March 8, 2012 News Websites

Website of the week

by ken

http://www.sunnysidedentalcentre.com/ TORONTO, Mar 07, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Premier Toronto Dentist, Dr. Robyn Blatt of Sunnyside Dental Centre, has announced the launch of a new, patient-focused website created by dental website design leader, ProSites, Inc. Sunnyside Dental Centre is

December 26, 2011 News New TechnologiesTechnology

Luddite or Geek, this is way kewl!!!

by ken

Pill Bottle Caps Use Wireless Communication To Remind Patients When To Take Medication GlowCapsTM is a bottle with built-in wireless communication When you receive your GlowCapTM, you program it with your schedule. It will then remind you when its time

September 30, 2011 News Pharmacology

Extending the Cure Launches Interactive Map Featuring Latest Regional and Global Trends in Antibiotic Resistance

by ken

From Pioneering Ideas – September 29, 2011 The latest iteration of ResistanceMap, an interactive web-based tool that tracks drug resistance in North America and Europe, was launched recently by Extending the Cure, a Pioneer-supported research project that explores policy solutions to the growing

June 24, 2010 News General News

OMG – Microsoft got something right!!!!

by ken

If you aren’t yet familiar withMicrosoft’s HealthVault, you will probably be more than slightly impressed after watching the introduction video. Health Vault is a free, interactive website where patients can safely store family health records for quick access. But HealthVault