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March 4, 2012 News Computer software

Toucha toucha toucha touch me, I wanna be dirty

by ken

iPads – Windows 8 – look out dental chumans………the era of the meece is agoin’………you and your patients are going to be touchscreenin’ everything in the soon to be future……those in Ontario will have to wait 40 or 50 months

September 24, 2011 News APPsPractice management

Dental students use iPads to improve patient interactions

by ken

I’m much too farklempt to add a tag line……..carry on….. By DrBicuspid StaffSeptember 20, 2011 — A new pilot project at the University of Pacific‘s Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry has brought iPads into the school’s Main Clinic. Students are using iPads

September 20, 2011 News APPs

Round and round she goes, and where it stops………it won’t

by ken

iPADS and Dentistry – nuff sed…..iOS 5.0, the latest iteration of the Apple mobile platform operating system is due out……watch for the explosion…..do check out the image as it MUST in due course become “de rigeur” for reps and their

September 11, 2011 News APPsImplantology

Biomet 3i unveils smartphone app

by ken

From Dr. Bicuspid – it’s long overdue for the dental companies to get their toe in the water of social networking and APP’s.  The complexity of treatment planning and related techniques mandates more than voice mail hell and “I’m not

August 12, 2011 News APPs

Anything with the name Oxnard in it has to be worth the read

by ken

New iPAD APP available……. OXNARD, California, August 10, 2011- Dental office organization can be confusing and overwhelming. Questions like “why do I need so many trays?” or “should I buy cassettes?” and “am I in compliance?” come up all the

August 10, 2011 News APPsComputer softwareGeneral News

The iPad Trumps Oil: Apple Is Most Valuable US Company Re

by ken

From Fox Small Business Center – August 10, 2011 STEVIE WE LUVS YA!!!!! NEW YORK –  Investors seem to think you want an iPad more than oil, as Apple Inc. became the most valuable company in the United States, surpassing Exxon Mobil Corp.

August 4, 2011 News APPs

You KNEAD an iPAD……

by ken

It boggles the mind… Here are 15 reasons why your dental practice Needs an iPad: Using the KeyNote app you can show your patients powerful before and after pictures in a creative presentation. Have more than one office? Conduct a staff meeting

July 28, 2011 News APPsBlogsComputer softwareSocial mediaSocial networkingTradeshowsTrends in Dental EducationTrends in DentistryWebsites

Ignore the obvious at your own peril Pauline!!!!

by ken

You COPY GENIUS and see further by standing on the shoulders of giants. iPHONE, iPAD is not a geek’s obsession; it is the mobile platform of the world at the moment and it is the mobile platform of any business

July 16, 2011 News APPs

DDS GP iPAD APP – Huzzah!

by ken

It’s getting better all the time, “sing it with me”, better, better betttttter!!!

July 10, 2011 News APPs

The 5 best dental apps

by ken

It’s getting better all the time………….. Jul 10, 2011 By Eugene Antenucci, DDS Disclosure: Dr. Antenucci is a paid consultant with Planmeca USA. Apps for everyday dentistry The iPad is a device that uses applications, or apps, to accomplish a limitless set

May 28, 2011 News ElearningPreventive DentistryTrends in Dental Education

You’re simply the best, better than all the rest

by ken

Simply the best patient education animation ………. coming to an iPAD near you….. Related articles 4 Best Practices for Patient Education Materials (goodpromotionalpractices.com) IT Drives Patient Education (informationweek.com)

April 24, 2011 News Marketing strategiesNew TechnologiesSocial networking

Beyond the Fringe – Survivor host Jeff Probst on using social media to join the ‘global conversation’

by ken

Social media is dominating our world. The press to incorporate it into the world of dentistry is meeting with expected resistance, but that is typical and traditional with dentistry. Early adapters abound, albeit in small numbers; they will however, win

April 10, 2011 News Photography

iPADs and Dental Photography

by ken

Cinq for iPad is a great way to present images to your patients. Cinq is a $2 app that allows you to access all of your images stored on your computer. You install a free program on your computer, specify

April 5, 2011 News Laser Dentistry

AMD LASERS incorporates Apple iPads as a standard part of its educational curriculum

by ken

AMD Lasers announcing new educational initiative – April 2011 From MarketWire – I’m including this because it mentions iPADS!!! INDIANAPOLIS, IN, USA: Bringing another first to the dental industry, AMD LASERS is now offering iPads as part of its companywide

March 27, 2011 News Community outreachSocial networking

iOS 5 may be getting a fall release, following WWDC cloud reveal

by ken

What does any of this have to do with your practice of dentistry………….in my opinion, EVERYTHING……this new Apple operating system to be released around the same time as the iPad3 will take social networking to an entirely new level. For

March 26, 2011 News General NewsPractice management

You can’t call time out in the war between market and science

by ken

It’s hard to pay attention when you’re focused on a reverse image in a rhodium mirror prepping the margin of the distal seat of an inlay onlay for a 2.7, and yet, we must.  Dentistry is evolving at an alarming

March 12, 2011 News Marketing strategiesPractice management

Marketing GENIUS – iPad 2 launch attracts thousands in New York City

by ken

The purpose of this entry has nothing to do with the iPAD2 – rather it has everything to do with how to market, how to create the perception of need, the nuance and subtlety of want and the reality that

March 8, 2011 News Dental LaboratoriesTrends in Dental EducationTrends in Dentistry

iPad advances digital dentistry

by ken

When new patients enter Dr. Jonathan Ferencz’s thriving prosthodontics practice in midtown Manhattan,they’re greeted with a smile — and an iPad. For Dr. Ferencz, the latest technology has always driven quality patient care. As an early iPad adopter, Dr. Ferencz

February 4, 2011 News Practice managementTrends in Dental Education

Valentine’s Day: Love me, love my iPad with iOS 4.3

by ken

The number of dental APPS in the APP store remains small, but is growing…..expect to see it continue exponentially as the impact chairside for treatment explanation in conjunction with monitors in treatment rooms showing diagnostic material explodes……. Y U should

January 20, 2011 News Practice managementSocial networking

Blending social media and EHR – take a bite of the Apple

by ken

Consider the implications of sharing your clients work product with them so that they can keep a record until such time as such records are mandatory…..to say nothing of the marketing implications….. Image via CrunchBase Apple looks set to introduce