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September 24, 2011 News APPsPractice management

Dental students use iPads to improve patient interactions

by ken

I’m much too farklempt to add a tag line……..carry on….. By DrBicuspid StaffSeptember 20, 2011 — A new pilot project at the University of Pacific‘s Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry has brought iPads into the school’s Main Clinic. Students are using iPads

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Ignore the obvious at your own peril Pauline!!!!

by ken

You COPY GENIUS and see further by standing on the shoulders of giants. iPHONE, iPAD is not a geek’s obsession; it is the mobile platform of the world at the moment and it is the mobile platform of any business

April 10, 2011 News General NewsPractice managementTechnologyTrends in Dental Education

Better Dentistry through iPads

by ken

For those of you who recognize the name Medtronics from your use of rhBMP, I’d urge you to visit the accompanying link…..CLICK AWAY My persistence with OH on getting them to build a robust iPHONE and iPAD app will most

March 31, 2011 News New Technologies

Microsoft exec thinks tablets may be a fad, talks of new laser retina display

by ken

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iPad advances digital dentistry

by ken

When new patients enter Dr. Jonathan Ferencz’s thriving prosthodontics practice in midtown Manhattan,they’re greeted with a smile — and an iPad. For Dr. Ferencz, the latest technology has always driven quality patient care. As an early iPad adopter, Dr. Ferencz

February 4, 2011 News Practice managementTrends in Dental Education

Valentine’s Day: Love me, love my iPad with iOS 4.3

by ken

The number of dental APPS in the APP store remains small, but is growing…..expect to see it continue exponentially as the impact chairside for treatment explanation in conjunction with monitors in treatment rooms showing diagnostic material explodes……. Y U should