A Bright Start to a New Century for Ivoclar

As an expression of gratitude, Ivoclar ended its landmark anniversary year with a display of light on the new office building at the company headquarters … more

An innovation from Ivoclar: Ivotion allows dentures to be milled from one disc in one uninterrupted process, without any complicat-ed, time-consuming manual steps.

“A Century of Innovation”: Ivoclar 100 Years

Since its foundation, Ivoclar has become one of the world’s leading companies in the dental industry, consistently bringing customer-focused innovations to the market. The year … more

Significant Growth for the Ivoclar Group

The Liechtenstein-based dental and medical technology company experienced strong growth in the 2021 fiscal year, achieving a turnover of more than 840 million Swiss francs. … more

How to place better composites…

From the AACD blog….. AACD member, Dr. Amanda Seay, presents a how-to piece in the current issue of Dental Products Report, “How to better place posterior … more

Mix and Match; Catch as Catch Can

With the profundity of restorative materials expanding the marketplace; it’s long overdue to look at how they impact on one another and moreover on natural … more