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August 10, 2011 News Burn outPractice management

Study: Your Hostile Workplace May Be Killing You

by ken

by Meredith Melnick – Time – August 10, 2011 Having experienced this first hand, it’s a MUST read…….. “My job is killing me.” Who among us hasn’t issued that complaint at least once? Now a new study suggests that your dramatic grousing

August 5, 2011 News Practice management

Are millennials cut out for this job market?

by ken

There are so many things going on in this world that are not perceived as impacting on dental practice, BUT THEY ARE!!!  There is absolutely nothing wrong, in fact, it’s an emotional mandate that as professionals, we must grow more

May 3, 2011 News Marketing strategiesPractice management

Taking one for the team

by ken

I’ve been at this “game” for 137 years. Never have I seen the impact of “everything” from an election to “terror” be so obvious and pervasive. The Canadian election, Conservative majority, NDP in opposition demonstrates the polarization in this country

March 9, 2011 News Dental ethics

If it seems to good be true, it usually isn’t!

by ken

I urge you to read the link on Implant Training below first and then perhaps the essence of this posting will come to the fore.  If the term implants were changed to endo or ortho or pick the discipline du

November 12, 2010 News Periodontology

Periodontal disease eradicated; job retraining program started for periodontists

by ken

From Medical News Today Lactobacillus Reuteri Prodentis effective in the treatment of periodontitis The study shows that L. reuteri Prodentis acts synergistically with standard treatment (scaling and root plaining, SRP) to significantly reduce probing pocket depth (PPD) and clinical attachment