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September 5, 2011 News Implantology

Nobel introduces NobelReplace Conical Connection and NobelReplace Platform Shift

by ken

Nobel‘s website has always been an industry leader in terms of esthetics and informatics http://www.nobelbiocare.com/en/campaigns/nobelreplace-conical-connection-and-platform-shift/default.aspx#t4211532 I particularly enjoy the clinical case reports and videos – check out the link above.  Also, delighted to see that along with Astra Tech, Straumann

September 2, 2011 News Blogs

I think I can, I think I can

by ken

NEXUS – NOT LEXUS – NEXUS – there are links to dental blogs all over the NET – start with www.dentalblogs.com and go from there. OR – YOU COULD SEND YOUR BLOGS TO ME AND I COULD START A LIST

July 12, 2011 News BlogsElearning

Well, we’re moving on up……

by ken

There were endless reasons why Melissa and Catherine reached out to Dr. Reena Gajjar of MyDentalHub to develop MyDentalChronicles on www.mydentalbuddies.com which in collaboration with www.oralhealthjournal.com will offer daily clinical case reports in time.  The editorial board of Oral Health

April 5, 2011 News Social networkingTrends in DentistryWebsites

If you think social networking is for the birds, flock off – oops, did that one go too far?

by ken

The time has come for dentists to embrace social networking, because if they don’t, they will risk losing an invaluable marketing tool of viral proportions.. CLICK Click on the above link and spend some time on the page you reach

February 9, 2011 News Pain management

Pain, complain, the brain, disdain – may all be easily explained

by ken

Some of us are born to be a pessimistic, says study. The chemical NPY in the brain affects the way in which we see the world. Image via Wikipedia Researchers at University of Michigan discovered that levels of a molecule

February 5, 2011 News Periodontology

The link between breast cancer and periodontal disease

by ken

First click on link…  http://scottsdalelasergumtreatment.blogspot.com/2010/11/breast-cancer-and-gum-disease-link.html It is a well-known fact that oral hygiene relates directly to one’s overall health. Of the bacteria that thrives in the mouth, certain strains that cause periodontal disease have also been linked with pneumonia, prostate

January 31, 2011 News Social networking

Social Media for Dentists – When you come to the fork in the road, take it.

by ken

Jason Lipscomb is a dentist in Richmond,VA and co author of  “Social Media for Dentists“ One of the most common questions I get about Facebook and Twitter is “What do I post?”  As a practicing dentist, it is easy to get writers

October 5, 2010 News General News

Current research on oral-systemic connections

by ken

The dental profession is undergoing a dramatic increase in its understanding of disease processes and mechanisms, including the interaction between oral and systemic diseases and conditions. Many of these advances are the result of new research techniques. The link between

August 14, 2010 News General News

Tylen – not at – ol

by ken

Image by Getty Images via @daylife (Health.com) — Teenagers who take acetaminophen — the active ingredient in Tylenol and many other over-the-counter remedies — may be at increased risk of asthma and some allergic conditions, according to a new study of

July 16, 2010 News General News

Prostate Disease Linked to Gum Disease

by ken

by Administrator – dentalblogs.com About 8% of the population suffers with prostate disease,or prostatitis. Researchers at Case Western Reserve University have found that patients with prostatitis have a lower clinical attachment level (CAL) between gums and teeth. The link stems from