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November 15, 2011 News General News

Pardon, eh? can you speak louder, I can’t hear you!

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From Dental Tribune Nov 15, 2011 | USA New study targets dental drills for hearing loss by Daniel Zimmermann, DTI WESTMINSTER, Colo. & JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. USA: An audiology student who is investigating the effects of noise from dental drills

November 3, 2011 News ImplantologyInfection controlPeriodontology

Peri-implantitis in a specialist clinic of periodontology. Clinical features and risk indicators.

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Swed Dent J 2010;34(2):53-61 Carcuac O, Jansson L. Source Department of Periodontology at Kista-Skanstull, Folktandvården i Stockholms Iän AB, Stockholm,Sweden. Abstract Implant therapy has become a widely recognized treatment alternative for replacing missing teeth. Several long term follow-up studies have

May 18, 2011 News ElearningImplantology

Clinical eChronicle of Treatment Outcomes – Case I – Periodontally involved central incisors

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I wish to thank Dr. Ken Hebel and Dr. Reena Gajjar for their support, their commitment and their contribution to making the seminal phase of the Clinical eChronicle of Treatment Outcomes a reality. This is the future of all elearning

May 16, 2011 News Implantology

Zimmer Dental extends implant line with crestal options

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Retention of crestal bone subsequent to implant placement was never a major concern. For years, loss to the first thread on the fixture was accepted as the norm.  Insane yes, but accepted nonetheless. AstraTech, Straumann, Nobel and now Zimmer have

April 18, 2011 News Dental HygieneGeneral News

If You Want To Keep Smiling Through Menopause – Get More Dental Checkups!

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By Anna Rushton – April 18, 2011 – from Bioidentical Oral Health There’s a lot of attention paid now to the whiteness of our teeth and how brilliant our smile is and frankly false teeth are not something anyone willingly

March 15, 2011 News PeriodontologyTrends in Dentistry

Acellular dermal regenerative matrix

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February 21, 2011 News Geriodontics

For some reason I can’t remember the title of this blog entry

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It is common knowledge that as the average life span becomes longer, dementia becomes more common.  Swedish scientist Laura Fratiglioni has shown that everyone can minimize his or her risk of being affected. Factors from blood pressure and weight to

February 18, 2011 News General News

Scuse me, pardon? Can you repeat that, louder please………

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According to experts, dentists are at risk for ear trouble. (DTI/Photo Miamiamia, Dreamstime.com) Feb 18,2011 | USA Dentists at risk for hearing loss by Fred Michmershuizen, DTI NEW YORK CITY: Everyone knows there are certain jobs that carry a risk

January 16, 2011 News Periodontology

Initial periodontal screening and radiographic findings – A comparison of two methods to evaluate the periodontal situation

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Dirk Ziebolz, Ivette Szabadi, et al BMC Oral Health 2011, 11:3doi:10.1186/1472-6831-11-3 Published: 14 January 2011 Abstract (provisional) Background The periodontal screening index (PSI) is an element of the initial dental examination. The PSI provides information on the periodontal situation and allows a

December 15, 2010 News Endodontics

Long-Term Prognosis of Endodontically Treated Teeth: A Retrospective Analysis of Preoperative Factors in Molars

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Abstract  Introduction Long-term predictability of restored endodontically treated teeth is important for the decision of tooth retention versus extraction and implant placement. The purpose of this study was to validate the hypothesis that preoperative factors can predict the long-term prognosis

July 8, 2010 News Implantology

Dentist seeks U.S. class action suit vs. Nobel Biocare

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STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Swiss dental implant maker Nobel Biocare has been sued by a California dentist seeking class-action status on behalf of dentists whose patients have suffered complications such as bone loss from one of its products. A company spokesman

July 5, 2010 News General News

Um? Um; um; Um? Um; um

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Researchers have recently published a study that analyzes the effects that periodontal disease and tooth loss have on the decline of cognitive abilities. The outcome determined that there may be a link that will undoubtedly give patients and dentists a

May 31, 2010 News Periodontology

Little-Known Mouth Fluid May Lead to Test for Gum Disease

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ScienceDaily (May 28, 2010) — A little-known fluid produced in tiny amounts in the gums, those tough pink tissues that hold the teeth in place, has become a hot topic for scientists trying to develop an early, non-invasive test for