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April 3, 2020 Feature Oral Health OfficePractice Management

10 Top Management Tools for a Successful Practice

by Lois Banta, CEO and Founder of Banta Consulting, Inc.

In dental practice management…it takes a “total team” to run a “practice”. This article will reveal the 10 key management tools for running a successful dental practice. There is a domino effect that takes place in running a practice. I

May 29, 2019 Feature Oral Health OfficePractice Management

Dental Practice Internet Marketing Strategies, Boost It Up!

by Dr. Megan Peterson Boyle

There was once a time when TV/radio commercials, billboards, and newspaper ads are your best shots at drawing attention towards your dental practice. But oh how time flies. LED screens now hang in places where billboards used to be. Even

October 6, 2011 News Endodontics

External cervical resorption managment

by ken

From Antonis Chaniotis – Endo’s own Aristotle Management update for the external invasive cervical resorption video. 6% NaOCl was pressed against the resorption defect. The defect was restored using composite dual cured resin. The sutures were removed 10 days after

July 26, 2011 News Practice management

Beyond Practice Management: Fear of change

by ken

Just another thing they never taught you in dental school… By Don Deems, DDS, FAGD from Dr. Bicuspid July 18, 2011 — Frank knew he needed to make a change. He just couldn’t do it. After all, what would happen if

June 15, 2011 News Practice management

Don’t Forget to Analyze Your Practices’ Management Systems

by ken

From Dental Heroes – Jameson Management – June 12, 2011 Take the time to Analyze Take a look–a hard, honest look at each and every one of your systems and ask yourself, “What are we doing well?” Do more of

May 18, 2011 News ElearningMarketing strategiesPractice managementTrends in Dental Education

Dental Practice Management: How to Reduce Broken Appointments by 25-50%

by ken

PR Newswire is hot today!!! Complimentary Webinar on Friday, May 20, 2011 at 10 a.m. Eastern, Hosted by Visionary Management MORRISVILLE, Pa., May 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Downtime caused by patient no-shows and cancellations is the biggest source of lost revenue for

May 13, 2011 News Marketing strategiesPractice management

9 Reasons You Should Consider Digital Case Presentation in Your Practice

by ken

From Dental Heroes – Jameson Management – May 12, 2011 The world around us is changing, and it’s changing rapidly. As consumer (patient) needs and demands change, so too must the way you interact with them. In many cases, this

May 6, 2011 News Innovations in dentistryMarketing strategiesNew TechnologiesPractice managementTechnologyTrends in DentistryWomen in dentistry

YAPI – Patient Flow Management and Productivity Solution

by ken

By Larry Emmott – May 2, 2011 There is a new technology product I am very excited about that will be introduced at the Townie Meeting May 4-7 in Las Vegas. It is called YAPI. At first glance YAPI looks like

April 24, 2011 News Practice management

Open invitation to all Practice Management gurus in Canada

by ken

The Levin Group has a spectacular feature on DrBicuspid.com – Practice Success….the item below is the latest…..I’d sincerely like to open this blog up to Canada’s finest and showcase their practice assistance efforts and commentary…….please contact me at any time

February 9, 2011 News Pain management

Pain, complain, the brain, disdain – may all be easily explained

by ken

Some of us are born to be a pessimistic, says study. The chemical NPY in the brain affects the way in which we see the world. Image via Wikipedia Researchers at University of Michigan discovered that levels of a molecule

May 25, 2010 News Practice management

Excellence through Customer Experience Management

by ken

The Customer’s Point of View ANALYSIS BY: Linda McIntosh Introduction How often do we contact customer support thinking that our problems/frustrations are going to be solved only to realize it has only just begun? We’ve all been there. When we