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January 1, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid Stress-Related Chips Are at an All Time High – Here is Your One-Shade, Stress Free Solution

by Tokuyama USA

Bruxism is Up – Keep Your Repairs Beautiful and Budget Friendly   While chipping a tooth is often the result of an accident, falls or intense contact sport injuries, chipped teeth can also occur from seemingly harmless daily occurrences such

May 1, 2021 News Oral Health

Paid An Economic Way to Complete Costly Orthodontic Treatments with Composite Veneers

by Michelle Chan, Abir Bou Khouzam, and Lisa Jeong

In today’s world, societal pressures and expectations have compelled an increasing amount of people to become more conscious about their dental hygiene and the look of their smile. Having a beautiful smile has continuously increased in popularity and is believed

September 1, 2019 News NewsOral Health

Paid Why Thousands Of Doctors Are Trusting OMNICHROMA

by Tokuyama Dental America Inc

Since its launch at the Chicago Midwinter show in February, 2019, OMNICHROMA has been making a huge splash across the country, impacting dentists’ practices and simplifying their procedures. As the first universal composite that matches every tooth shade with a

June 1, 2019 News News

Paid How OMNICHROMA Can Make Your Practice More Efficient

by Tokuyama Dental

For most dentists, having reliable, high-quality composites is essential for day-to-day restorations. However, maintaining inventory of composites and the vast variety of shades they come in can be challenging and expensive. Moreover, shade selecting in restorative procedures can often be

April 26, 2019 Video Sponsored Dental Video

Paid One-Shade Universal Composite with Tokuyama

by Oral Health

Emily Collins, Associate Product Manager with Tokuyama, explains how Omnichroma is a revolutionary product in dentistry, offering all shade ranges from just one composite shade.

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