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July 27, 2011 News BlogsStem cell research

MD Bridge and My Dental Hub are Partnering to Offer Comprehensive Dental Website Marketing Solutions

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The growth of CONNECTIVITY in all walks of life and commerce continues unabated as it should.  Please note; some time back Oral Health approached MyDentalHub to develop MyDentalChronicles – a case report blog for any dentist who wished to share

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Something for Oral Health to ponder upon……

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Albeit, the free trip would be to East Kobakonk….nonetheless… Win a free trip to New York City and join us for the Dental Tribune Awards Dental Tribune is the largest dental newspaper worldwide, published in more than 25 languages with

July 12, 2011 News BlogsElearning

Well, we’re moving on up……

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There were endless reasons why Melissa and Catherine reached out to Dr. Reena Gajjar of MyDentalHub to develop MyDentalChronicles on www.mydentalbuddies.com which in collaboration with www.oralhealthjournal.com will offer daily clinical case reports in time.  The editorial board of Oral Health

June 28, 2011 News Dental Hygiene

Oral Health got picked up on the web, and without social networking!!

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From Google Alerts – whoo noo….. Building the perfect beast of a hygiene department. Create an ideal hygiene department to increase your revenue stream. Practical tips to increase efficiency, productivity and job satisfaction while decreasing stress. To help dental teams build a

June 2, 2011 News Chronic dental care for the elderlyCommunity outreachGeneral NewsGovernment regulationsSystemic links

Challenges Facing the American/Canadian Dental System – Are They Solvable?

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From Worldental.org – June 1st, 2011 Oral health has long been the subject of debate. Many believe, and studies have proven, that effective oral care is essential to overall general health and well-being. Unfortunately, there are currently millions of Americans

May 23, 2011 News BlogsTrends in Dental EducationWebsites

Dental School Blogs

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Curious as to what dental schools were doing re; blogging and making alumni aware – lo and behold………http://uoftdentistrylibrary.blogspot.com/ which included a great piece on – drum roll please…………In 1911, 100 years ago, Oral Health was founded (Johnson 353). As one of

April 30, 2011 News ElearningGeneral News

Clinical eChronicle of Treatment Outcomes REDUX

by ken

Work continues on development of a second blog for Oral Health and it’s readership – oops, erase that, it’s viewership. The intention is to create a blog that is case report driven, searchable by topic and egalitarian in that everyone

April 11, 2011 News Systemic links

Who knows what evil lurks in the mouths of men? Only the “shadow” knows…

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By Marilyn Linton, Special to QMI Agency – from the Toronto Sun’ Let’s say you woke up in the morning and blood spurted from your hands. Would you go to work or the ER? Probably not work, says Pickering, Ontario-based

April 10, 2011 News Systemic links

Strokes – Gum Disease More Harmful Than Diabetes

by ken

From Medical News Today New research suggests that gum disease carries a higher risk of causing a stroke thandiabetes, and its impact is nearly the equivalent of high blood pressure as a major cause of strokes.  High blood pressure (hypertension) and diabetes (diabetes mellitus) are widely

April 7, 2011 News General News

Canadians With Disabilities Need More Quality Dental Care

by ken

April 7th, 2011 – From Dental Health Magazine Currently, in Canada there are living approximately 4.4 million people with certain disabilities. They would need more attention, because they do not receive proper dental care. In some cases, they have to wait

January 9, 2011 News CAD/CAMCone beam computed tomographyImplantologyPeriodontology

Clinical Case – Hard Tissue and Soft Tissue Augmentation

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This case from Dr. William Cohen of St. Louis, Missouri was presented to the members of osseou@ls.rxdentistry.com – www.osseouniversity.com. It sequentially demonstrates a pre and post autogenous block graft, a connective tissue graft (preliminary and post block scans taken, fixtures

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AAPD Partners With Text4baby To Provide Pregnant Women And New Moms With Oral Health Messages

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The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), the recognized leader in children‘s oral health, announced an outreach partnership with the text4baby program. The AAPD’s leading pediatric oral health experts will work closely with text4baby in the dissemination of information to

November 25, 2010 News General News

We caught a break

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Fortunately Bristol Palin did not win “Dancing with the Stars“, however, she was the impetus for seeking out an article of note for you to share with a small segment of your client base. Even though most people are aware

November 12, 2010 News Dental HygienePeriodontology

Diabetes and Oral Health

by ken

by Marty Jablow DMD People living with diabetes are twice as likely to develop serious gum disease NEW YORK, NY (November 1, 2010) – For the nearly 24 million Americans living with diabetes, many may be surprised to learn about an additional

October 20, 2010 News EndodonticsEvidence based dentistry

The horror, the horror

by ken

My vision for this blog in addition to sharing the important changes in all aspects of our profession is to provide the opportunity to share clinical cases and learn online and in time perhaps develop an Oral Health treatment planning

October 11, 2010 News General News

Discus Dental Acquired by Philips

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The Global Leader in Professional Tooth Whitening and Oral Care Products Acquired by Philips, the Makers of Sonicare, Broadening Its Oral Healthcare Portfolio CULVER CITY, CA, Oct 11, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Today, Discus Holdings, Inc. announced that it

October 6, 2010 News Trends in Dental Education

What it was, what it is, what is shall be

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The vision of this blog remains ill defined, not unlike an experiment in the social sciences whereby, the objective is unclear because the technology hasn’t permeated the majority of the viewers and the application of the technology remains blurry.  Still

October 4, 2010 News Decay assessment and prevention

A thousand points of light………read my lips

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There will soon be apps for EVERYTHING!!!!!!! October 2nd 2010, Christchurch, New Zealand. New iPhone app “Tooth Camp” aims to improve the oral health of iPhone users the world over,by providing a virtual boot camp style drill instructor to motivate

September 30, 2010 News Trends in Dental Education

Now is the time for all good folks to come to the aid of their profession

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The goal of this blog is encourage dialogue from the readership.  Dentistry like all health sciences is in a state of flux, impacted upon by economic changes and technologic shifts in the service mix.  Nothing is as relevant or helpful as the