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November 24, 2011 News Orthodontics

This one’s for the wirebenders

by ken

Finally found a Canadian orthodude who gits elearning………..do check it out.. www.retrouvey.com http://wikisites.mcgill.ca/Dentalpedia/index.php/Main_Page

August 1, 2011 News Orthodontics

New International Postgraduate Orthodontic Program starting in Jerusalem

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From Dental Tribune – by Hebrew University – Hadassah School of Dental Medicine August 1, 2011 JERUSALEM,Israel: The Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Dental Medicine in Jerusalem has a new International Postgraduate Orthodontic Program and invites applications. The program,taught entirely in

July 31, 2011 News Orthodontics

Restoration of a lower incisor’s periodontal health by means of a selected radicular torque control using a fixed lingual orthodontic approach; case report.

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REMINDER TO ONE AND ALL………..MOUTHING OFF is at long last changing to a social media and networking friendly platform; Word Press – took four thousand emails and some yelling and screaming but, soon……that’s corporate speak for more hurry up and

July 16, 2011 News Orthodontics

Damon Braces In Orthodontics with Winnipeg Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Brad Stevens

by ken

There was a blog posting on Damon braces a while back with no comments, however, this is an area in orthodontics that is worth revisiting – Damon Braces – it’s a divisive issue in the ortho specialty (yes it is a

June 22, 2011 News Orthodontics

Create Realistic Objectives

by ken

Editorial by Vincent Kokich from the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics – June 2011 ‘The ?rst step in planning orthodontic therapy is to establish treatment objectives.’   Read article by going to https://public.me.com/ken.serota160 – Public files – download Kokich

June 3, 2011 News Websites

Website du jour

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If’n you want them to be exclusively Canadian, you have to let me know – udderwise, I have to find ’em where I can. Dr. Wayne Hickory and the team at Embassy Row Orthodontics team are announcing the launch of a

May 27, 2011 News Marketing strategiesOrthodontics

San Diego’s The Super Dentists™ soar into theaters with a first-of-its-kind 3D action film to show kids the fun way to fight cavities

by ken

From PR*Urgent – a free press release service San Diego, CA, May17, 2011– Move over Superman and Batman, there’s a new team of super heroes in San Diego and they aren’t sugar-coating anything. The Super Dentists,San Diego’s pediatric and orthodontic

May 21, 2011 News Orthodontics

More Veritas – Tooth Movement: Health Science or Unhealthy Cosmetics?

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2011-12-12 14:30:01

May 20, 2011 News OcclusionOrthodontics

Orthodontics and Occlusion

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2011-12-12 14:29:42

May 14, 2011 News Dental HygieneOrthodontics

Orthodontic therapy options – how hygienists can provide support for the movement

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From RDH and Dentistry IQ by Ann-Marie C. DePalma, CDA, RDH, MEd, FAADH As defined by Wilkins, orthodontics is the area of dentistry concerned with the diagnosis, supervision, guidance, and treatment of the growing and mature dentofacial structures – including

May 13, 2011 News InvisalignOrthodontics

Invisalign adds interoperability with OrthoCAD iOC

by ken

From Dr. Bicuspid – May 13, 2011 Align Technology has qualified Cadent‘s orthodontic full arch scanning process for use with Invisalign treatment. Interoperability with Invisalign will be available on the OrthoCAD iOC system with the latest software version iOC 4.0. Image by

April 25, 2011 News Orthodontics

Orthodudes – inquiring minds wanna know – Damon or Damien 666

by ken

Not being an orthodontist, controversy over technique and systems is a bit off my radar…..however, there is certainly an awareness of the concerns re; the ubiquitous and uncertified use of Invisalign and now there appears to be a brouhaha about

April 20, 2011 News Orthodontics

More Than a Mouthful – Are we putting braces on our kids too soon?

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2011-12-12 14:22:56

April 19, 2011 News ImplantologyOrthodontics

Y shaped elastic – Does precision in force application matter for correction of individual upper second molar crossbite?

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I wanted to demonstrate what we are currently working on for the OH blog………this is simply a sample of something I pulled off the Internet. In time, we hope that all Canadian dentists will share cases with us and in

April 16, 2011 News OrthodonticsSocial networking

Need an orthodontist – forget YooHoo to a neighbour – just YOOOOOTOOOOOOB

by ken

It should come as no surprise.  My four year old granddaughter keeps me appraised of her tuition needs for the Fashion Institute of Technology with daily emails of her renderings for her own boutique line of couture inspirations and my

April 2, 2011 News Orthodontics

Hey Ma, where’s my retainer? Yo Buddy, where’s my retainer?

by ken

ScienceDaily (Mar. 24, 2011) — Have you been wearing your retainer? It’s a question countless parents ask of their children post-braces. Now Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine researchers are getting serious about the question. Image via Wikipedia

March 25, 2011 News Social networkingWebsites


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Dentistry in blog Zerodonto: Implantology, Invisible Orthodontics, Endodontics, Prosthodontic This blog aims at communicating and sharing ideas and knowledge in dentistry. The dentists who created it not only present their own clinical cases and researches but they also show and

March 13, 2011 News ImplantologyOrthodontics

Mini Cooper, Mini Me, Mini Screws for Orthodontics

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Orthodontic mini-implant stability and the ratio of pilot hole implant diameter Miwa Uemura,  Mitsuru Motoyoshi,  Shinya Yano,  Masahito Sakaguchi,  Yu Igarashi and Noriyoshi Shimizu Abstract One notable complication of mini-implants that are used to provide anchorage in orthodontic treatment is loosening.

February 20, 2011 News Cone beam computed tomographyOrthodontics

Let’s see if we can get this puppy to hunt

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COMMENTS MES ENFANTS – COMMENTS Patient – radiographic appearance – three years after orthodontic therapy – WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Image via Wikipedia Best regards  Mike (Michal Stepien) – colleague from Poland www.stomatologia-stepien.pl 12 3624545 , 502507387 Related articles Accelerated

January 9, 2011 News OrthodonticsPeriodontology

Is Gingival Recession a Consequence of an Orthodontic Tooth Size and/or Tooth Position Discrepancy? “A Paradigm Shift”

by ken

From Compendium – Colin Richman, DMD Abstract: BACKGROUND:Gingival recession (GR) is a commonly observed dental lesion. The underlying etiology has not been clearly identified, although several theories have been suggested. Tooth crowding or tooth malalignment is also frequently observed, with both