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October 1, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid Orthodontics for the Restorative Dentist

by Dr Jeremy Kurtz & Dr Zachary Mursic

Using Digital Dentistry and Invisalign® treatment to plan and restore a challenging case- (while avoiding surgical intervention) Case Overview Kyle, a male in his mid 40’s presented to our GP office. He was missing some posterior teeth bilaterally and had

October 1, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid Income Splitting for Dentists

by TMFD Financial

It is a common complaint that we pay too much tax in Canada, so it’s no surprise there is great interest in using techniques that ease the tax burden for our families.  We recognize that CRA’s primary objective is to

October 1, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid “Guided Biofilm Therapy“ is the Absolute Favorite Among Patients

by Dr. Jan H. Koch

Worldwide survey on the preferred method of prevention A clean mouth is not only important for oral health, but also for health in general. With Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT), EMS has developed a systematic, modular, scientifically proven protocol for oral

September 12, 2022 News Dental HygieneToothlife Technology

Paid Loupes, Headlights and Intuitive Response — Oh My!

by Irene Iancu, BSc, RRDH, CTDP, OM

How four little lights can be so different? Have you ever treated a patient in a dimly lit operatory with little overhead lighting or, on the contrary, an intrusive hot overhead light? For my fellow hygiene peeps who have integrated

September 8, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid Innovations in Aiding Caries Detection: How iTero Near-Infrared Imaging Technology Can Impact Your Practice

by Dr. Steven Glassman

Caries detection can often vary dependent on the tooth surface in question. For occlusal pit and fissure lesions, visual and tactile detection can normally suffice. Bitewing radiographs have long been the most practiced method for detection of interproximal lesions, yet

September 1, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid Cloud Security Tips for Your Dental Practice

by Xero

  Have you ever heard about ‘the cloud’ and wondered what it was? It’s simply a way of describing data and applications stored online. There’s so many benefits to using the cloud at your practice. You can work more efficiently,

September 1, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid The Business of Dentistry is Changing. Are you Ready?

by TMFD Financial

It seems that every industry eventually goes through a period of very rapid change, and this is especially true for dentistry in the last couple of years. Dental practitioners have had to face the challenges of a global pandemic and

September 1, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid Benefit Relief for Canadians in Need

by First Canadian Benefits

The FCB Health Network has launched its COVID-19 Health and Dental Relief Plan to all Canadians nationwide. This social contract will provide economic relief to all recovering from the pandemic by offering an affordable non-insured health and dental benefits plan

August 11, 2022 News News

Paid How Can Artificial Intelligence, Applied to Dental Images/X-Rays, Help Minimize Errors in Dentistry?

by Diagnocat

AI is the technology that enables machines to interpret human language, gain knowledge through experience, and make predictions. Most of us have probably been astonished by a computers’ capacity to identify certain human faces, even being blurry, partially veiled, or

August 1, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid Being Ready Anytime for a Practice Sale

by MNP

Your practice is running well — it won’t be long until the practice has generated sufficient cash flow to repay your initial investment. When your practice is producing positive cash flow and your practice debt is paid off, it’s time

July 1, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid Finding a Place for Universal Composites in Esthetic Dentistry

by Tokuyama Dental

Often in dentistry, patients present with concerns that they want solved but are not necessarily easy to address. Esthetic concerns are the most difficult ones for us clinicians to understand as a patient’s idea of esthetic is very subjective and

July 1, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid Perform Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs) safely during a pandemic and beyond

by W&H

Infection control in 2021 and beyond The professional handling of aerosols, ensured by adhering to infection prevention procedures, such as wearing the correct PPE and using pre-procedural mouth rinses, HVE and dental dam, allow for the safe delivery of AGPs

May 12, 2022 News Dental HygieneToothlife Technology

Paid Philips Power Flosser 3000

by Irene Iancu, BSc, RDH, CTDP, OM

Floss Like A Boss With The Philips Power Flosser 3000 Besides being great clinical providers for optimal patient care, we work tirelessly as educators to teach and provide dental education to each person who sits in our chairs. Our role

May 9, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid Interview with Dr. Ernst Wühr, General Manager of EMS Dental

by Oral Health

Oral Science is proud to be the new partner of EMS Dental in Canada for GBT Education and GBT After Sales Service since 2021. In February 2022, Chrissy Ford, RDH, Guided Biofilm Therapy trainer, clinician and practice manager who successfully

Leaders in Practice Awards
April 29, 2022 Feature AwardsDental TeamOral Health OfficePractice management

Paid 2021 Leaders in Practice Award Winners

by dentalcorp

The results are in! After receiving over 800 nominations and 22,000+ votes from across the nation, the annual Leaders in Practice award winners were announced in Oral Health’s April issue. Click here to view the 2021 award winners Designed to

April 7, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid Is Buying a Dental Practice Affordable?

by TMFD Financial

The sale price of dental practices has been on the rise over the past twenty years.  While there are many methods for assessing the price of a practice, some common metrics include using gross revenue (often 150% to 200%) or

April 1, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid Growing Your Invisalign® Practice from the Inside Out

by Dr. Terri Pukanich

Three Key Principles to Starting One Invisalign Case Every Day Let me start by asking a simple question – where do Invisalign patients come from? Expensive marketing campaigns? Social media posts and fancy Facebook lead-generating ads and sales funnels? That

April 1, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid Restoring Class 1 Decay – A Case Study

by SDI

Delivering both minimally invasive and aesthetic results to patients OVERVIEW G.V. Black’s Class I caries pathology is classified as simple (1 surface) lesions that affect either the occlusal, buccal, or lingual aspects of teeth. With only a single surface involved,

March 18, 2022 News Dental HygieneToothlife Technology

Paid Designs for Vision – Aerosol Protection Loupes

by Irene Iancu, BSc, RDH, CDTP

YOUR BODY IS WAY TOO VALUABLE TO BUY SHI**Y PRODUCTS I’m regularly asked by dental peeps whether or not they should purchase loupes. And my answer is always a no-brainer — yes. But it’s no secret that a good quality

March 3, 2022 News Oral Health

Paid How Much Do I Need to Retire?

by TMFD Financial

Dentists want to know their Financial Independence Target (FIT#TM) ‘How much do I need to retire?’ is a common question we are frequently asked at TMFD Financial. Every situation is different depending on the time horizon to retirement, the value

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