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December 2, 2011 News Clinical case reportEndodontics

Try this’un on for size….

by ken

If this were your tooth, what would you do….feel free to comment below Hello Rooters!  Here is  a really herodontic case!  Reasons not to save it: 1. Radiological findings indicating severe bone loss 2. Lack of ferrule 3. Huge perforation

September 6, 2011 News Trends in Dental Education

Taking CE viral – the how to’s, and whyfour’s and five’s

by ken

This blog is a flyspeck on the corporate flowchart of the company that includes Oral Health as one of it’s assets. I’m told however, when I hector the folks that run it to give me the analytics (10 hectors for

August 5, 2011 News Restorative

When John Flucke comments, everyone……………

by ken

Kerr SonicFill Evaluation is Complete – a game changer if’n there e’er was one….. For about the past 5 months, I’ve been using/evaluating the Kerr SonicFill system.  In a nutshell, I’m endorsing the product with my highest recommendation.  If you’ve

June 21, 2011 News RadiologySocial networking

Is it normal to feel an X-ray? Should you wear an aluminum hat?

by ken

I post this for two reasons….the question is posed by someone from Ontario – did the certification folks at U of T put her up to this? and two, the doctor to whom the question is being posed can be

June 17, 2011 News Social networking

All together now – it’s the sound of thunder

by ken

The following post is from Dentinal Tubules by Ian Kerr DDS.  The aim of this posts is to suggest a voice for good in dentistry.It is driven by a desire to see dentistry presented in a positive light to the

June 14, 2011 News Dental ethicsDental industryDental Laboratories

Why Your Dentist Costs So Much

by ken

From Sarah Lorge Butler – CBS Money Watch.com – June 10, 2011 Back in April I wrote about a person near and dear to me — yes, my husband — who needed two new crowns for $3,442. I published his

April 5, 2011 News Digital radiography

What’s your diagnosis doc?

by ken

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, “Eh, what’s up doc?”What do YOU think you’re looking at??  Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

March 14, 2011 News Cosmetic DentistryInnovations in dentistryOrthodonticsTooth whitening

Out, out, damn spot!!!

by ken

Was advised by someone I respect immensely that this material is ideal for those little white spots post ortho debanding. Not promoting the product, but there is science to back the claims….was an interesting read….. MI Paste™ and MI Paste

March 11, 2011 News Cosmetic DentistryDental LaboratoriesImplantologyInnovations in dentistryRestorativeTrends in Dentistry

Full mouth rehabilitation – CRITICAL THINKING

by ken

Another example of the simplicity possible in creating a Clinical eChronicle. More detailed explanation of the procedure, the sophistication can be expanded upon by having an instructive template and the graphic inclusion in this case is aggregate, it can be

March 8, 2011 News Cone beam computed tomographyEndodonticsOrthodontics

ECIR resorption case

by ken

ECIR resorption case…..you can see from the scan where the resorption is limited to…….this is post ortho. I’d repeat the certify me, certify you blues refrain, but last night as I was parking my car, a bullet whizzed by and

March 7, 2011 News Endodontics

Root Perforation Repair

by ken

As an endude, the majority of the material I have access to is related to enduding.  There are TONS of other disciplines on YOU TUBE, but the objective of this little itty bitty piece of the blogosphere is to showcase

March 3, 2011 News General News

Now this is dental trauma REDUX, Dr. B. Made Off, DDS

by ken

As a followup to Catherine’s post………in the era of Bernie Q. Made Off, how could anyone remain this gullible……..by the by, I have some swamp land in FLA for sale…..and one of the perpetrators was a periodontist, nudge, nudge, wink,

January 31, 2011 News Social networking

Social Media for Dentists – When you come to the fork in the road, take it.

by ken

Jason Lipscomb is a dentist in Richmond,VA and co author of  “Social Media for Dentists“ One of the most common questions I get about Facebook and Twitter is “What do I post?”  As a practicing dentist, it is easy to get writers

November 3, 2010 News General News

Of Genesis, Morphogenesis and Blogogenesis

by ken

The Internet is barely fifteen years old and there remains a large contingent of folks who consider it a passing fad, let’s say 15% of the population – dentists make up 14.99% of that grouping….humour, arrh, arrh.  Where this blog

September 23, 2010 News Laser Dentistry

Netflix DDS

by ken

As an addendum to the previous post, please visit the accompanying URL – excellent videos on laser application to a variety of dental procedures……….. http://www.laresdental.com/videos.asp Related articles by Zemanta Netflix CEO Thinks Americans Are Too Egocentric to Notice Canada’s Discount