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May 3, 2021 Feature Oral Health OfficePractice management

Mandatory Vaccination Policies in the Dental Office

by Ljubica Durlovska BA, LLB, CDPM

With oral health care workers now being prioritized for COVID-19 vaccines, mandatory vaccination is on everyone’s mind. The decision to mandate COVID-19 vaccination requires careful consideration and balancing of rights and responsibilities. You must keep these things in mind: Employer responsibilities  Under provincial health and safety

May 3, 2021 News BlogsOffice ManagementPractice management

Congratulations! You’re the New Office Manager! Now What?

by Shawn Peers, DentalPeers

Congratulations! This is incredible news. Your passion and pride in what you do in the healthcare field is truly being rewarded. Perhaps you were an excellent hygienist…a phenomenal dental assistant…a top-notch admin team member providing your clinicians with first rate

Voice Search
April 14, 2021 News BlogsMarketing strategiesPractice managementWebsites

Keeping Up with Google: Is Your Dental Website Ready for Voice and Visual Search?

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

If you market your dental practice online, you are surely familiar with SEO (search engine optimization). It has been the foundation of digital marketing for decades. In that time, the internet has grown and changed dramatically, as has Google itself.

April 13, 2021 Video Dental Video

Weekly Wisdom: Lessons Learned From a Global Pandemic

by Oral Health

  Peter Barry returns to Weekly Wisdom to speak about the number of lessons dentists have learned from the global pandemic.     Subscribe to Oral Health’s weekly e-newsletter to have the latest episode delivered straight to your inbox each week!

April 12, 2021 News BlogsOverall HealthPractice ManagementWellness

How To Manage Dental Patients Dealing With Poor Mental Health

by Dr. Ben Lynch

The last year has been chaotic for a myriad of reasons, and there can’t be many people around who haven’t suffered as a result. The most common damage, of course, is psychological. People have lost loved ones, been left in

Uniting as a Team to Overcome Challenges During a Pandemic
April 7, 2021 News BlogsDental TeamOffice ManagementPractice managementTeam motivation

Uniting as a Team to Overcome Challenges During a Pandemic

by Lisa Hardill, RDH, BHADM

Running an efficient dental practice while keeping up with the advances of delivery of care during a pandemic can be an area that overwhelms many dental professionals. Whether you are a practice owner, administrative or clinical team member, being part

April 6, 2021 Video Dental Video

Weekly Wisdom: What Limitations Are You Putting on Yourself?

by Oral Health

  In this episode of Weekly Wisdom, Dr Angela Mulrooney returns to discuss the limitations put on you by yourself or others.     Subscribe to Oral Health’s weekly e-newsletter to have the latest episode delivered straight to your inbox each week!

Taking the Technology Step
April 5, 2021 News BlogsDental TechnologyNew TechnologiesPractice management

Taking the Technology Step

by Shawn Peers, DentalPeers

It was right around this time in 2018, I presented before a group of dentists and office managers in Ottawa. Most of them were 45 years of age and older. The topic: technology that many experts predicted would become commonplace

Creative Marketing
April 1, 2021 Feature Marketing strategiesOral Health OfficePractice management

Creative Marketing to Expand Your Practice

by Janice Wheeler, The Art Of Management Inc.

This past year has been the true test for many practices as to their efficiency, organization and marketing skills. Most survived. Many survived well. Some are still working on it. What is the biggest secret to flourishing and prospering against

Practice Management Software
April 1, 2021 Feature Computer softwareOral Health OfficePractice managementTechnology

Breathe New Life into Your Practice Management Software – Part 2

by David Rajczak, DJR Consulting

Part 2 – A Two Part Series Part 1 of this article introduced the benefits of several third-party software integrations. Part 2 continues by describing additional applications.Advertisement Recall management The most effective applications target overdue and inactive hygiene patients with

April 1, 2021 Feature Oral Health OfficePractice managementWebsites

Growing & Maintaining Your Practice Website

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

The day your dental website goes live is an exciting milestone. Everything has been approved, reviewed for errors and optimized for Google. However, the website is not finished. Why? Because a website is never finished. It needs to grow and

7 Key Distinctions That Enhance the Patient Experience and Increase Case Acceptance
April 1, 2021 Feature Oral Health OfficePatient ManagementPractice managementPractice Operations

7 Key Distinctions That Enhance the Patient Experience and Increase Case Acceptance

by Dr. Paul Homoly

There are seven key distinctions that set the bar for consistently delivering an ideal new patient experience and increasing satisfaction, retention, and referrals. Making a “distinction” involves refining one’s thinking. Dentists are good at making clinical distinctions. For example, recognizing

April 1, 2021 Feature EditorialOral Health OfficePractice management

The Importance of Unleashing Creativity

by James Yacyshyn

Is creativity important to you? Are you a creative person? If so, in what way? What defines you as creative? What makes you creative or increases your creative potential? How do you define creativity? Is creativity something that is just

March 31, 2021 News BlogsPractice management

6 Ways to Ask Patients for Reviews

by Simon Nowak, Authority Dental

There is no need to convince that online reviews play a crucial role in businesses nowadays. Numbers speak for themselves: 85% of dental patients look at the opinions on the Internet and consider them an important factor while choosing a

March 29, 2021 News BlogsFinancesPractice Management

Why Dentists Should Consider an Individual Pension Plan (IPP)

by Jordan Schaffran, Silver Cedar Wealth Management

From greater savings to protection, an IPP offers more for Canada’s high-income professionals Most people are familiar with an RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan). While an RRSP is ideal for many, an IPP offers unique advantages for dentists. The IPP

March 23, 2021 Video Dental VideoPractice management

Weekly Wisdom: How to Achieve Operational Excellence

by Oral Health

  In this episode of Weekly Wisdom, Alex Zlatin describes how to achieve operational excellence in your practice.     Subscribe to Oral Health’s weekly e-newsletter to have the latest episode delivered straight to your inbox each week!

data backup
March 22, 2021 News BlogsComputer softwareMaterials & TechnologyPractice Management

7 Reasons Data Backup Is Vital In Dental & Healthcare

by LoopIt

Let me paint a picture for you: your front-office staff receives a normal looking email from a client. They’re asking about a charge from last month and there’s a link to a picture they claim is a different charge. Your

March 17, 2021 News BlogsMarketing strategiesWebsites

How to Get a Healthy E-A-T Score for Your Dental Website

by Ekwa Marketing

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Solo Practitioner
March 15, 2021 News BlogsDentistryPractice management

How to Survive (and Thrive) as a Solo Practitioner in Dentistry

by Dr. Steven Ghim

Like most industries, dentistry is evolving rapidly. The field is now divided broadly into two categories of offices — corporate dentistry and solo practitioners. These two groups are similar in that the professionals all work to offer patients the proper

Strategies to Improve Dental Patient Retention
March 10, 2021 News BlogsMarketing strategiesPractice management

Strategies to Improve Dental Patient Retention

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

According to common wisdom, an increase in new patients equals growth for your dental practice. However, that is only part of the equation. If you are losing as many patients as you are getting, then your practice is not growing.