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November 20, 2011 News Cosmetic DentistryDental ethics

Dentists grinning as demand for new smiles soars

by ken

From the Land of OZ IT WAS once the essential beauty feature for celebrities obsessed with appearance. But that dazzling white smile has moved beyond the Hollywood hills and into the Australian suburbs. Read more: and before you read below

November 11, 2011 News ElearningElectronic Health Records

Primer on dental data encryption – going paperless – from the ADA

by ken

DENTAL ENCRYPTION DUDES at the RCDSO – come out, come out whereever you are.  This need not turn into a Rick Perry, Jan Brewer debate, because the taunting is simply to get you lads to COMMENT………the erudition will come from

November 6, 2011 News Burn outElearningElectronic Health RecordsInnovations in dentistrySocial mediaSocial networking

Retirees – so much to offer, but how?

by ken

You’re a retired dentist, now what……….golf, travel, trophy wife??? It boggles the mind that a vast reservoir of applied science and knowledge is about to depart our profession in droves…………….consider the obvious…………….. Grab a peak at http://www.newmiled.com/nme/955 – and find a

October 26, 2011 News Dental ethics

Sliding down the greased pole

by ken

By Donna Domino, Feature Editor Dr. Bicuspid October 25, 2011 — Scandals, lawsuits, a growing focus on commercialization and self-promotion, and dentists who prescribe excessive treatments are tarnishing the profession’s image, according to a presentation on ethics at the recent

October 1, 2011 News Marketing strategies

Relationship marketing

by ken

By Bridget Conway from Dental Tribune International I bet when you first glanced at the title of this article, you might think… “Hygiene, relationship marketing? Help me connect the dots.” Especially in our profession, developing a relationship — a rapport

July 28, 2011 News BlogsElearningNew TechnologiesTrends in Dental EducationTrends in Dentistry

10 questions to ask about why you should share and care

by ken

The secret of success is constancy to purpose – Benjamin Disraeli.  I’d include the pop culture reference Disraeli Gears by Cream, but if you’re over 50, you’re probably not reading this. For Cover of Disraeli Gears years, I’ve lived on

July 21, 2011 News General News

Gordie Cee – COME ON DOWN!

by ken

From Dentistry IQ / Dental Economics Ask Dr. Christiansen Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD For more on this topic, go to www.dentaleconomics.com and search using the following key words: dental assistants,in-service education, clinical time, Dr. Gordon Christensen. Q: I was recently at

May 9, 2011 News Practice management

Why you maybe working more and enjoying it less

by ken

The following is from the Wall Street Journal – does it apply to dentistry?  We are a profession AND A BUSINESS – everything is grist for the mill……adapt away… By ANNE KADET Businesses expect a lot more out of their

April 30, 2011 News TechnologyTradeshowsTrends in Dental EducationTrends in Dentistry

Thoughts on Leadership

by ken

April 29, 2011 – I walked around the ODA convention exhibit hall on Friday acting like a fly on the wall. I was curious to hear and see what went on at the booths, particularly the high-tech booths. No question,

April 11, 2011 News Dental phobia

Dental Hypnotherapy – more relevant than ever, than ever, than ever, than ever

by ken

I’ve been practicing for 137 years, but increasingly, the times, the economy, the state of the world seems to be creating a heightened sense of anxiety in many patients……thought I’d open this up to folks that work with hypnotherapy, one

February 2, 2011 News Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentists are offering Botox and Restylane – it is to weep!

by ken

2011-12-12 13:44:43

December 16, 2010 News Trends in Dental Education

Bend me, shape me, anyway you want me…….long as you pass me….

by ken

In response to a high prevalence of neck and back pain among working dentists and dental hygienists, the dean of the University of Maryland Dental School Christian S. Stohler, DMD, DrMedDent, has launched an initiative to bring renewed attention to

December 11, 2010 News General News

Future of Dentistry – Trends

by ken

The series of entries to follow are a review of the blogs and literature that describe the trends that the current layer of dental pundits suggest will alter the face of our profession in the coming years. Some are fascinating,

October 20, 2010 News EndodonticsEvidence based dentistry

The horror, the horror

by ken

My vision for this blog in addition to sharing the important changes in all aspects of our profession is to provide the opportunity to share clinical cases and learn online and in time perhaps develop an Oral Health treatment planning

October 5, 2010 News General News

Current research on oral-systemic connections

by ken

The dental profession is undergoing a dramatic increase in its understanding of disease processes and mechanisms, including the interaction between oral and systemic diseases and conditions. Many of these advances are the result of new research techniques. The link between

September 30, 2010 News Trends in Dental Education

Now is the time for all good folks to come to the aid of their profession

by ken

The goal of this blog is encourage dialogue from the readership.  Dentistry like all health sciences is in a state of flux, impacted upon by economic changes and technologic shifts in the service mix.  Nothing is as relevant or helpful as the

May 24, 2010 News General News

So you wanna be a rock n’roll star……….

by ken

“When I’ll grow up, I’m going to be a doctor.” Can you remember hearing that from youngsters (or maybe even yourself when you were a tender age)? Children have it clear in their minds that occupying this noble profession is

May 19, 2010 News General News

Time for comments…….life in a vacuum kinda sucks

by ken

The world is flat, it’s a global economy, loyalty to the company is a thing of the past, we’ll all be working as contract players, it’s a new economy, learn Mandarin, yadda and yadda.  No one can predict the future…….if

May 18, 2010 News Trends in Dental Education

Trends in Dental Education

by ken

The American Dental Education Association provides a fascinating overview of slideshow links assessing the trends and changes expected to occur in dental education over the coming years.  http://www.adea.org/publications/TrendsinDentalEducation/SlideshowsandArticleLinks/Pages/default.aspx We are all responsible to our profession to sustain it’s future..a worthwhile

May 17, 2010 News Practice management

That was then; this is now

by ken

Image via Wikipedia The global economy has changed, and the dental world is forced to change. too. Once thought by most to be recession-proof, dental practices are being impacted by the economic downturn in many ways. Today’s economic conditions are