Sliding down the greased pole

By Donna Domino, Feature Editor Dr. Bicuspid October 25, 2011 — Scandals, lawsuits, a growing focus on commercialization and self-promotion, and dentists who prescribe excessive … more

Relationship marketing

By Bridget Conway from Dental Tribune International I bet when you first glanced at the title of this article, you might think… “Hygiene, relationship marketing? … more

Gordie Cee – COME ON DOWN!

From Dentistry IQ / Dental Economics Ask Dr. Christiansen Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD For more on this topic, go to and search using the … more

Thoughts on Leadership

April 29, 2011 – I walked around the ODA convention exhibit hall on Friday acting like a fly on the wall. I was curious to … more

Future of Dentistry – Trends

The series of entries to follow are a review of the blogs and literature that describe the trends that the current layer of dental pundits … more

The horror, the horror

My vision for this blog in addition to sharing the important changes in all aspects of our profession is to provide the opportunity to share … more

Trends in Dental Education

The American Dental Education Association provides a fascinating overview of slideshow links assessing the trends and changes expected to occur in dental education over the … more

That was then; this is now

Image via Wikipedia The global economy has changed, and the dental world is forced to change. too. Once thought by most to be recession-proof, dental … more