Preheating Composite Resins Using Composite Warmers

Composite resins offer several advantages over dental amalgams beyond just esthetic benefits. Since composite resin restorations are retained through adhesion rather than mechanical retention, more … more

Esthetic Gingival Restoration

Esthetic Dilemma of the Gingival Margin The data is unambiguous; both porcelain and composite resin are biocompatible with the gingiva and well tolerated.1-3 The caveat … more

A clinical example of 3 successful conefits to be easily followed by predictable 3-D obturation.

The Evolving Look of ‘The Look’

Introduction “The pulp is a big issue about a little tissue.” This quote is credited to early endodontic educator Dr. Sam Seltzer of Philadelphia. Nothing … more

Esthetic, Restorative Dental Conference Coming Soon

Sun-soaked vineyard views, world acclaimed wineries, and six of Dentistry’s most distinguished speakers, book your calendars for the Napa Valley Dental Conference presented by Clinical … more

Incorporating Glass Ionomers into Everyday Dental Practice

Introduction General dentists in private practice place numerous direct tooth colored resin restorations because of patient demand for more aesthetically pleasing restorations. In other instances, … more

Bioactive Dentistry with Giomers

In years past, traditional restorative care relied on treating damaged and decayed teeth with aggressive preparation to place a strong, firm restoration. The emphasis was … more

Glass Ionomers: Why, Where and How

Composite resin is a suitable restorative material to restore an existing failed restoration, however it is unsuitable to restore a carious lesion due to the … more


What To Do When The Evidence Is Lacking?

Introduction You may recall the media storm in 2016 that was precipitated by a report by Jeff Donn from the Associated Press. He wrote there … more

Periodontal Disease

Minimally Invasive Diagnostic Tools in the Diagnosis of Periodontal Disease

Introduction The most common chronic inflammatory conditions worldwide and collectively the most common diseases known to mankind, are inflammatory periodontal diseases.1 Periodontal diseases include gingivitis, … more