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February 19, 2019 News Dental ProductNews

DMG’s New Precision Placement Delivery System for Dental Materials Enhances Dental Workflow

by DMG America

DMG, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of restorative materials and preventive products, has introduced a precision placement delivery system for a wide range of dental materials. The new Composite Dispenser is particularly effective with DMG’s Ecosite Bulk Fill composite.

February 5, 2019 News News

Fast-Rising DMG Expands Its Support for Canadian Dental Professionals

by DMG Canada

DMG, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of restorative materials and preventive products, announced that it has opened a new office to support its growing customer base in Canada. The office is located at 10 Four Seasons Place in Toronto,

January 25, 2019 News Dental ProductNews

GrandioSO x-tra: Esthetic Nano-Hybrid Bulk Restorative Material


VOCO announces the release of its newest addition to the GrandioSO family – GrandioSO x-tra, a truly esthetic, packable bulk-fill nano-hybrid restorative material. In addition to the high-quality esthetics, easy handling and enhanced physical properties that come with being a

Paediatric Restorative Materials
January 3, 2019 Feature Oral HealthPaediatric Dentistry

Paediatric Restorative Materials for Your 21st Century General Practice

by Carla Cohn, DMD

In today’s fast paced world where information is available with only a few keystrokes, we must be ready to embrace new ideas, adapt and learn. As dental professionals, we live in an ever-changing discipline of new materials and techniques. Even

Restorative Materials
November 13, 2018 Feature Oral HealthProsthodontics

Does Selection of Different Restorative Materials Affect the Amount of Tooth Structure Saved for Crown Preparations?

by Ashkan Ebrahimpour; Omar El-Mowafy

Introduction Aesthetic tooth-colored restorations for both anterior and posterior teeth have been in the highest demand in recent years. This increasing demand motivated the dental industries to enhance the aesthetic and mechanical properties of restorative materials. These efforts lead to

February 7, 2017 Product Spotlight

IonoStar® Molar Serves as Packable, Non-Sticky Glass Ionomer Restorative

by VOCO Canada

IonoStar Molar is a newly developed glass ionomer restorative with improved characteristics that include non-stick handling, adjustable material consistency and immediate packability to create better results for both the practitioner and the patient.  IonoStar Molar can be condensed, modeled and

January 5, 2017 Feature EditorialOral HealthPaediatric Dentistry

Editorial: The Stainless Steel Crown Revisited

by Keith Titley, BDS, Dip Paedo, MSD, FRCD(C) and Alison Sigal, B.H. Kin, DDS, MSc (Ped Dent), FRCD(C)

Sixteen years ago, Titley and Farkouh (2001) published a paper in this journal entitled “The Stainless Steel Crown – An Underused Restoration in Paediatric Dentistry.” A review of the current literature indicates that stainless steel crowns (SSC’s) continue to be

May 28, 2011 News Innovations in dentistryNew TechnologiesRestorative

BISCO Releases ACE ALL-BOND Dental Adhesive Dispensing System

by ken

From Azom.com – the A to Z of materials – May 27, 2011 BY ttp://img.zemanta.com/zemified_e.png?x-id=3c91e856-ccff-41f3-8874-f2b483988e09″ alt=”Enhanced by Zemanta” style=”border:none;float:right” />

January 4, 2011 News Restorative

Lithium Disilicate: The Restorative Material of Multiple Options

by ken

Lee Culp, CDT and Edward A. McLaren, DDS, MDC Abstract: As dentistry continues to evolve, new technologies and materials are continually being offered to the dental profession. Throughout the years restorative trends and techniques have come and gone. Some material developments