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Hiossen Osstem Cas-Kit Crestal Approuch sinus lifting kit

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The Hidden Cause of Sinusitis in Seniors

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From Worldental.org Dental Health Magazine Chronic sinusitis is a condition currently affecting approximately 13% of the Americans. On a yearly basis, there are $6 billion spent and 13 million visits made to the doctor because of this complaint. Some patients get

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Poking the bear..

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The following is a query and a response to the query from the comments section of the Journal of Implant and Advanced Clinical Dentistry. I encourage this blog’s readership to comment and respond to the ping and pong below as

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Sinusitis of Dental Origin

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From: Maarten Meire <maartenmeire@gmail.com>Reply-To: ROOTS <roots@ls.rxdentistry.com>Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2011 20:34:08 +0100To: ROOTS <roots@ls.rxdentistry.com>Subject: [roots] Sinusitis of dental origin Hello Rooters,   Haven’t posted for a while, for the same reasons as Bojidar explained. Now things start to settle (and

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Maxillary Sinus Lift and Implant Placement (Ankylos C/X)

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The intent of this new phase of the MOUTHING OFF BLOG is to make it more and more visual and graphic with images, video clips and animations.  A friend from St. Louis, Dr. William Cohen, shared this with an implant

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Share and care – let science drive market – let us know your favorites

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Simply click on the links associated with the images below:  If you have found a new product that you would like to share with your fellow “in the trenchers”, please send along the name or a link for posting on