In honour of Steve Jobs

As dentists, we tend to be linear and procedural. While we do micromanage, the visionary component of our practice is far too often left to … more

Steve Jobs for KING OF THE WORLD

I’m farklempt, read on, APP’s, more APP’s…….Laval, Canada – CANADA!!! – August 20,2011 Created in partnership with Bold Technologies, an innovative mobile application marks the … more

Linked in to a collaborative Nexus

Collaboration, whether strategic or collegial is a complex construct. The most successful collaboration in recent history is of course the Beatles. To quote from the … more

A is for Apple

I am obsessed with Apple as a company, as a culture, as the most innovative business to model in the past century and of course, … more

Tweet Tweet, Cheap Cheap

Rather than exalting Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg in this missive…………… wait, it deserves to be done…….iPAD, fastest selling electronic device in history, MZ – … more