Tax Saving and Planning To Do’s Before 2024

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Episode 3: Tax Planning Tips

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Tax Court Win Means Dentists Can Qualify for HST Refunds

A recent tax court victory for the Davis Dentistry Professional Corporation case has paved the way for dentists and orthodontists to qualify for HST refunds. … more

Tax Deductions, Breaks and Planning in the COVID-19 Era

Tax Deductions, Breaks and Planning in the COVID-19 Era

COVID has fundamentally changed how we live and how businesses operate. It has taught us the importance of being resilient and to look for opportunities … more

Tax Deferral Options on Sale of a Practice

An important consideration during the sale of a practice is the amount of taxes arising from realizing a capital gain – the underlying asset primarily … more

Claiming Car and Home Office Expenses in the COVID-19 Era

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COVID-19 Offers Tax Savings Opportunities

UTILIZE TAX LOSSES Tax losses generally fall into two categories: non-capital losses and capital losses. Non-capital losses arise from normal business operations (i.e. where deductible … more

Dentists’ Tax Saving Tips & Strategies

1. Sharing is Caring/Saving Use family members in the tax savings game. Many dentists have a dentistry professional corporation (DPC). DPC’s if structured appropriately facilitate … more

April Tax Woes and the Path Forward

April is here – and so is tax time. It’s when we’re all reminded of our civic duty to contribute to society through taxes, which … more