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August 5, 2011 News Practice management

Are millennials cut out for this job market?

by ken

There are so many things going on in this world that are not perceived as impacting on dental practice, BUT THEY ARE!!!  There is absolutely nothing wrong, in fact, it’s an emotional mandate that as professionals, we must grow more

July 16, 2011 News APPs

DDS GP iPAD APP – Huzzah!

by ken

It’s getting better all the time, “sing it with me”, better, better betttttter!!!

March 17, 2011 News Cosmetic Dentistry

Newton Fahl

by ken

I’ve seen this gentleman on very rare occasions; however, found a treasure trove of work product on YOU TUBE……….very much worth your time and trouble to review

March 6, 2011 News Decay assessment and preventionPediatric dentistry

Teledentistry – whodda thunk it eh?

by ken

FROM TOPIX Check out the video clip I remember receiving a phone call about “bottle mouth syndrome” when my daughter was in medical school at Queens and she was sent up to Sioux Lookout and environs to do a component

October 11, 2010 News Evidence based dentistry


by ken

In the sixties, it was Benjamin Braddock being advised that his future lay in “plastics”.  Today, it’s a website and very much worth your time and trouble. http://www.helainesmithdmd.com/blog/ http://twitter.com/helainesmithdmd Nothing more need be said…

May 19, 2010 News General News

Time for comments…….life in a vacuum kinda sucks

by ken

The world is flat, it’s a global economy, loyalty to the company is a thing of the past, we’ll all be working as contract players, it’s a new economy, learn Mandarin, yadda and yadda.  No one can predict the future…….if