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October 27, 2011 News EndodonticsImplantologyTreatment planning

Eh, what’s yer treatment plan doc?

by ken

Not going to say a word about this case, the images speak for themselves……….what I’d really like is to have the comments reflect treatment considerations……..if you’re having trouble with Moveable Type and the blog on www.oralhealthjournal.com – kendo@endosolns.com, I’ll post

June 23, 2011 News EndodonticsImplantology

Download me bubbelah!

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2011-12-12 14:39:11

June 3, 2011 News Implantology

A Survey Regarding the Nature and Type of Dental Implant Complications in Private Practices in the Province of Ontario

by ken

In spite of over a decade of avocational goofing around on the Internet, it never ceases to amaze me what you can find as your search for this, that and the other. This link will take you to a Masters

May 13, 2011 News General News

New Apple patent: Air keyboards that sense your fingers – as long as we’re in Geek mode

by ken

For all those I told to buy Apple at $86.00 – Steve Jobs YOU ROCK!!! Apple is looking at designing keyboards with an air feedback system which will know you are typing before you type Image via CrunchBase Apple’s latest

March 29, 2011 News General News

Cost is big factor in dental care, survey results show

by ken

Just over a quarter (26 per cent) of adults say the type of dental treatment they chose in the past has been affected by the cost of treatment. And almost a fifth (19 per cent) said that they have delayed

January 20, 2011 News Practice management

Dental Hush Hush – Protecting the value of your practice: non-compete & trade secret agreements

by ken

From Dental Tribune: Dentists are often concerned about how to best protect their patient base when an associate dentist leaves the practice. The owner of a practice must make sure that associates cannot take the patient base or employees with

September 13, 2010 News Practice management

Ladders, Layers and Leadership – Part One

by ken

With all the technologic advances and sophistication coming to the fore in the dental armamentarium, the advancement and sophistication necessary to ensure their delivery to a consumer base faced with a schizophrenic economy is lacking.   Thanks to the invaluable