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December 6, 2011 News Polling


by ken

Have tried endlessly to get the folks at OH to migrate this blog platform to a stronger social media software, but my emails have long been filtered into folder “IGNORE WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE”…..one thing, I’d donate a kidney for is

August 14, 2011 News Endodontics

Yes, there is an endo god and his name is Markus Haapasalo

by ken

For once, the use of files, or new files, or one file, or a twisted file, or a new obturating material, or a Teflon obturation material, or the sealer du jour or the handpiece du jour is not the focus

May 15, 2011 News General NewsInnovations in dentistry

“Gag me with a spoon (excavator)” may no longer be a concern

by ken

By Chelsey Levingston (I presume) – Middletown Journal May 15, 2011 …… Image via Wikipedia …..On April 15, PharynMed signed an agreement with the university with a two-year option to license the gag-reflex device.  Read entire article Related articles He

April 30, 2011 News Innovations in dentistryTrends in Dentistry

3M Digital Oral Care Provides Leading Digital Impression Systems to University of Michigan School of Dentistry

by ken

April 27, 2011 3M Espe Press Release Technology for digital dentistry becomes part of the curriculum to prepare students for the future.   University of Michigan dental students will soon be working with some of the most advanced technology in the industry,

October 1, 2010 News General NewsTrends in Dental Education

So what’s new in dentistry?

by ken

The following is from the University of Minnesota CE programming, entitled “What’s new in Dentistry?” Do you agree?  Consider, ripping, mixing and burning your thoughts in the comments section. Benefits/Objectives   The 2011 program will show you how to:  detect

June 28, 2010 News General News

Custom-Fit Mouth Tray for Teeth Bleaching May Improve Oral Health of Senior Citizens

by ken

Caregiver & Elder Care News  ‘We’ve noticed through whitening patients’ teeth… as they bleached, their teeth got squeaky clean and their gingival health improved.’ Additionally,when health problems or medications cause xerostomia,or dry mouth, the lack of saliva reduces the mouth’s