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October 21, 2011 News Marketing strategiesPractice managementSocial mediaSocial networkingWebsites

New Dental School features 18 year degree program – you’re only 1.8 million in debt when you finish

by ken

Yup in addition to the traditional four year dental degree with the inclusion of a one year residency, the DeVry University Doctor of Dental Surgery is now offering post graduate degree extensions for dentists in Business and Management, Engineering and

October 20, 2011 News ImplantologyOrthodonticsPharmacologyPharmacotherapeutics

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me

by ken

Before you read any further, please check out the website http://www.mis-implants.com/ – “some” companies are gittin’ it…….now to the point…… From Dr. Bicuspid October 18, 2011 — What can you do for a patient whose braces are shredding the inside of their

October 15, 2011 News Dental ethics

G. V. Blacklist

by ken

From –  Some dentists have disclosed their patients‘ private information on a so-called ‘black list‘ on a website asking other colleagues not to treat them. The patients, however, do not know whether they are on the list because they are

October 10, 2011 News Trends in Dental EducationWebsites

Nobel Biocare recognized for its website – reflections on a positive corporate culture

by ken

From Dental Tribune – October 2nd, 2011 ZURICH, Switzerland: Nobel Biocare has been awarded the “Best Medical Website” WebAward by the Web Marketing Association. The Swiss provider of innovative restorative and aesthetic dental solutions also received awards for “Best Online

September 5, 2011 News Implantology

Nobel introduces NobelReplace Conical Connection and NobelReplace Platform Shift

by ken

Nobel‘s website has always been an industry leader in terms of esthetics and informatics http://www.nobelbiocare.com/en/campaigns/nobelreplace-conical-connection-and-platform-shift/default.aspx#t4211532 I particularly enjoy the clinical case reports and videos – check out the link above.  Also, delighted to see that along with Astra Tech, Straumann

September 3, 2011 News ImplantologyWebsites

Bicon Dental Implants

by ken

LOVE the website – CHECK OUT THE CASES LINK http://www.bicon.com/index.htm Related articles Montreal Dentist discusses the choices in dental implants (blogohj.oralhealthjournal.com) Healing times for dental implants could be cut (blogohj.oralhealthjournal.com) Endo Perio Implant Algorithm Redux (blogohj.oralhealthjournal.com)

August 30, 2011 News Practice management

You load sixteen tons, and what do you get……

by ken

Paperless – the way of our management world. Check out this website to manage your team’s hours……simplifies payroll management. http://www.timeclockpearl.com/index

August 6, 2011 News Websites

Website du jour – from ChiTown…

by ken

All the bells and whistles……check out the video section….  http://www.smiledentalcenters.com/ Related articles Website du jour (blogohj.oralhealthjournal.com)

August 3, 2011 News Social mediaSocial networkingWebsites

All it takes is critical mass

by ken

SEO – search engine optimization – the sine qua non of your website/blog/social media efforts – say no more. There was a time in this fair land the railroads did not run, and no one had a website ………the former

July 29, 2011 News YouTube

Now is the time for all good dentists to come to the aid of your country’s premier journal

by ken

Before I prattle on, please review YOU TUBE vignette on this posting….We are in the midst of revising the website, making it chockablock with social media CONNECTIVITY, the future of all communications and education worldwide……..textbooks are soon to disappear in

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10 questions to ask about why you should share and care

by ken

The secret of success is constancy to purpose – Benjamin Disraeli.  I’d include the pop culture reference Disraeli Gears by Cream, but if you’re over 50, you’re probably not reading this. For Cover of Disraeli Gears years, I’ve lived on

July 28, 2011 News BlogsElearning

ACE Dental Education

by ken

From YOU TUBE – via Facebook ACE Dental Education. A series of informational website’s designed to help dental patients better understand the treatments and procedures available to them to improve oral health. For more info or to find an ACE

July 27, 2011 News BlogsStem cell research

MD Bridge and My Dental Hub are Partnering to Offer Comprehensive Dental Website Marketing Solutions

by ken

The growth of CONNECTIVITY in all walks of life and commerce continues unabated as it should.  Please note; some time back Oral Health approached MyDentalHub to develop MyDentalChronicles – a case report blog for any dentist who wished to share

July 24, 2011 News Blogs

Can someone explain how a blog works as if I’m six years old?

by ken

Sure……from Modern Dental Practice Marketing – admin The purpose of a dental practice blog is to attract patients who may not find your website. Because of the diversity of content in the individually written blogs we post for a dental practice, Google sees more information

July 14, 2011 News Websites

Website du jour

by ken

http://www.dentistlim.com/ Just visit, all that need be said……..WOW!!

July 13, 2011 News Practice management

The Start-Up of You

by ken

To avoid redundancy of the News section of the OH website with the blog section, as we find our information from similar resources at times, I’m going to post op-ed pieces occasionally that while not directly on point, nonetheless if

July 9, 2011 News Websites

Website du semaine

by ken

Been kinda lax about this lately, but, catchin’ up. The website du semaine goes to – drum roll please http://www.brampton-dentist.ca/ From Dentaware – this is one serious player in the dental website arena Just one of the features they provide……….

June 27, 2011 News General News

Failure to engage in social media is now sacrilegious!

by ken

From Digital Trends – by Papal dispensation……June 27, 2011 The Pope will reportedly click the mouse that launches a new online portal that will aggregate the Vatican‘s varied media efforts. The Vatican is preparing to launch a new online portal that

June 23, 2011 News Dental industry

Bite Down Deals – Curiouser and Curiouser

by ken

The first daily deal website dedicated solely to dental professionals… One Dental Product: One Incredible Price BiteDownDeals is the first daily deal website dedicated exclusively to dentists.  With 30 years expertise in dental sales, we know dentists’ needs,and we know

June 13, 2011 News Community outreach

Drilling away at dental costs! New website, new insurers’ approaches shake up market

by ken

By Kristen Gerencher – Market Watch – Vital Signs – June 13, 2011 SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Got teeth? If you lack dental insurance or have a skimpy policy, your options for scoring a better dentistry deal are growing. Image