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November 25, 2011 News Cosmetic DentistryPhotographyTreatment planning

Incoming AACD President, Dr. Ron Goodlin, featured on Labome.org and PubMed for his work, “Photographic-assisted diagnosis and treatment planning”

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Good on ya Ronnie G: Dr. Goodlin’s paper–excerpted from his contribution to the textbook, Dental Clinics of North America, Vol 55 #2 entitled, “Esthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry for Modern Dental Practice“–describes recommended digital dental photographic equipment, how to produce the

October 5, 2011 News AwardsGeneral News

CORRECTED-UPDATE 3-Ridiculed crystal work wins Nobel for Israeli

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Of the golden ratio and Fibonacci – purely an entry of interest….. By Patrick Lannin and Veronica Ek Oct 5 (Reuters) – An Israeli scientist who suffered years of ridicule and even lost a research post for claiming to have found an

September 9, 2011 News Fluoride

The case against fluoride – London, Ontario

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There are several YOUTUBE videos.. The first part of the seminar is by Pam Killeen (www.pamkilleen.com). She presents her case against fluoride by explaining the work of Canadian dentist, Dr. Weston A. Price. She emphasizes the point that tooth decay

September 4, 2011 News General News

Yawn = lost productivity

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Insomnia is costing the US 63 billion dollars in lost productivity – CNN STORY HIGHLIGHTS Survey finds 23% of workers experience some form of insomnia Insomniacs were no more likely than their well-rested peers to miss work But they cost

July 27, 2011 News BlogsStem cell research

MD Bridge and My Dental Hub are Partnering to Offer Comprehensive Dental Website Marketing Solutions

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The growth of CONNECTIVITY in all walks of life and commerce continues unabated as it should.  Please note; some time back Oral Health approached MyDentalHub to develop MyDentalChronicles – a case report blog for any dentist who wished to share

July 21, 2011 News General News

Gordie Cee – COME ON DOWN!

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From Dentistry IQ / Dental Economics Ask Dr. Christiansen Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD For more on this topic, go to www.dentaleconomics.com and search using the following key words: dental assistants,in-service education, clinical time, Dr. Gordon Christensen. Q: I was recently at

July 6, 2011 News General News

Your blog moment of the day…..

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Steps to creativity……..what really really disturbs me is of the four of you who read this, three have no idea who Tallulah Bankhead is………..sob……… Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it.–Tallulah Bankhead “To approach

June 13, 2011 News Community outreach

Drilling away at dental costs! New website, new insurers’ approaches shake up market

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By Kristen Gerencher – Market Watch – Vital Signs – June 13, 2011 SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Got teeth? If you lack dental insurance or have a skimpy policy, your options for scoring a better dentistry deal are growing. Image

June 12, 2011 News CAD/CAM

How an 18th Century French Mathematician Inspires Modern CAD/CAM Dentistry

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From Starget The work of Pierre-Simon Laplace, a French mathematician – think Descartes et al – was pivotal to the development of mathematical astronomy and physics.  He formulated Laplace’s equation and pioneered the Laplace transform…… Read more – Page 38

May 28, 2011 News Office designWebsites

No. 36/No. 19 – Website innovations and Office design

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Spent Friday afternoon at the AGO – Musee des Beaux-Arts de l’Ontario for our Francophone readers.  Exhibition on Abstract Expressionists, Jack the Dripper Pollock, Mark Rothko, de Kooning, Newman and Krasner et al……just brilliant.  But i Image via Wikipedia t

May 25, 2011 News Elearning

Looking for Dr. Goodcase..

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Elliot, Bruce, Dwayne, Janice, Randy, Jordan anon – we’re hungry for ya folks.  Readers, share and care – send your work product for all to see.  The Clinical eChronicle is an opportunity for Canadian dentists to educate other Canadian dentists

April 18, 2011 News General News

The Ten Commitments

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Monday, April 18th, 2011 was the first night of Passover. It is a night to tell stories of history and culture. One of the attendees at this evening’s seder left me with the following. It’s not religious, it’s spiritual and

April 11, 2011 News Dental phobia

Dental Hypnotherapy – more relevant than ever, than ever, than ever, than ever

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I’ve been practicing for 137 years, but increasingly, the times, the economy, the state of the world seems to be creating a heightened sense of anxiety in many patients……thought I’d open this up to folks that work with hypnotherapy, one

March 27, 2011 News General News

Recession putting bite on dental care

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by Katie Foutz – Chicago Sun Times Mar 27, 2011 The dentist will see you now — even on nights and weekends — and might even help you pick up the check. Although the recession officially has ended, people still

March 17, 2011 News Cosmetic Dentistry

Newton Fahl

by ken

I’ve seen this gentleman on very rare occasions; however, found a treasure trove of work product on YOU TUBE……….very much worth your time and trouble to review

March 5, 2011 News Endodontics

The Root Canal Anatomy Project – there is magic and wonder in the world

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“The Root Canal Anatomy Project” is being shared with Oral Health and those who enjoy this blog by members of the ROOTS forum. It is my most evanescent hope that others from the dental community in Canada and elsewhere will

January 3, 2011 News Dental Laboratories

Take a laboratory technician to lunch and give him or her a hug month

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From Dental Tribune………. By Kevin Kim………… I evaluate about 40 cases per day. Five of those 40 cases may have inadequate impressions. In the morning, with my coffee in hand, I can easily spot them without even sifting through the

November 26, 2010 News General News

In your face!

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By Benita Zahn: Some 30 states have expanded what’s called “the scope of practice” for oral-maxillofacial surgeons, allowing them to do cosmetic procedures beyond the mouth area.   That’s got plastic surgeons up in arms. In depth: the arguments for and

November 6, 2010 News Keeping you guessing

Go green, save mold…. Most patients don’t need antibiotics before dental procedures to prevent infective endocarditis

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American Heart Association scientific statement DALLAS, April 20 – Taking a precautionary antibiotic before a trip to the dentist isn’t necessary for most people, and in fact, might create more harm than good, according to updated recommendations from the American

June 10, 2010 News General News

Bogus ‘dentists’ prey on immigrants

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In basements and backrooms across the province, with outdated and unsterilized tools, a cottage industry of illegal and sometimes dangerous dentistry is thriving among immigrant communities, a Toronto Star investigation has found. Offering cut-rate prices for inferior dental care, these