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November 24, 2011 News Orthodontics

This one’s for the wirebenders

by ken

Finally found a Canadian orthodude who gits elearning………..do check it out.. www.retrouvey.com http://wikisites.mcgill.ca/Dentalpedia/index.php/Main_Page

October 27, 2011 News EndodonticsImplantologyTreatment planning

Eh, what’s yer treatment plan doc?

by ken

Not going to say a word about this case, the images speak for themselves……….what I’d really like is to have the comments reflect treatment considerations……..if you’re having trouble with Moveable Type and the blog on www.oralhealthjournal.com – kendo@endosolns.com, I’ll post

October 27, 2011 News Practice management

The Progressive Dentist

by ken

Learning the business of dentistry: The Progressive Dentist is an online and print forum for dentists and other experts who serve the dental profession.  We strive to bring you fresh insights, progressive ideas, new trends and best practices for the

October 24, 2011 News APPsWebsites

Sometimes, it’s right there under your nose

by ken

Always looking for the “Killer APP” or in this case, the web design firm that puts them all to shame………….found it! www.luludigital.com Check out the website……..it’s all there for the asking and taking and they are brilliant.

September 2, 2011 News Blogs

I think I can, I think I can

by ken

NEXUS – NOT LEXUS – NEXUS – there are links to dental blogs all over the NET – start with www.dentalblogs.com and go from there. OR – YOU COULD SEND YOUR BLOGS TO ME AND I COULD START A LIST

August 31, 2011 News Clinical case reportRestorative

Compendium Of Continuing Education In Dentistry

by ken

One of my favorite CE journals is Compendium from www.dentalaegis.com Check out this case from John Weston, DDS. http://www.dentalaegis.com/cced/2011/09/conservative-full-mouth-reconstruction-of-a-worn-dentition-utilizing-digital-impression-technology-and-moden-ceramic-materials which linked off the AACD blog at http://aacd.posterous.com/conservative-full-mouth-reconstruction-of-a-w Ah, the smell of napalm and social media/networking in the a.m. Related articles Neuromuscular Dentistry

August 2, 2011 News Anaesthesia

IV Sedation Training for Dentists

by ken

From PR.com – July 31, 2011 www.SedationConsulting.com The nation’s leading provider of continuing education and training on the administration of sedation for dental and medical procedures announced today that they are now providing IV sedation training for dentists. Conscious Sedation

July 28, 2011 News BlogsElearning

ACE Dental Education

by ken

From YOU TUBE – via Facebook ACE Dental Education. A series of informational website’s designed to help dental patients better understand the treatments and procedures available to them to improve oral health. For more info or to find an ACE

July 24, 2011 News BlogsDental industrySocial mediaSocial networking

Are dental companies afraid of social media?

by ken

It is what it is, has always rankled me, because it is a mendacious statement at best reflective of a lack of emotion, passion and commitment to anything that could “paint outside the lines”. It should be, “it is what

July 17, 2011 News Endodontics

Carrier based obturator removal techniques

by ken

In anticipation of the introduction of MyDentalChronicles to www.oralhealthjournal.com, I thought it might be purposeful to demonstrate what I’m asking others to do. Apical lesion evident 1.5 Dots and associated lines (from top to bottom) 1. true cyst 2. foreign

July 15, 2011 News Electronic Health Records

Encrypt me, encrypt you blues

by ken

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water; cue the theme song from JAWS…..Six months ago, the RCDSO issued guidelines on electronic communications….do you have it memorized? Issues about email and being in accordance with

July 15, 2011 News BlogsElearningSocial networking

Canadian patient education software showcased world-wide

by ken

Dr. Reena Gajjar CEO of MyDentalHub was recently interviewed by Dental Tribune International. Dr. Gajjar, in collaboration with Melissa Summerfield, Catherine Wilson and the Biz Group, will in short order link MyDentalChronicles off www.mydentalbuddies.com to the new server running www.oralhealthjournal.com

July 12, 2011 News BlogsElearning

Well, we’re moving on up……

by ken

There were endless reasons why Melissa and Catherine reached out to Dr. Reena Gajjar of MyDentalHub to develop MyDentalChronicles on www.mydentalbuddies.com which in collaboration with www.oralhealthjournal.com will offer daily clinical case reports in time.  The editorial board of Oral Health

May 24, 2011 News Implantology

Atlantis Abutments – Astra Tech Implants

by ken

I’ve mentioned Todd Welch before – www.wtnperio.com and www.wtnperioblog.com – he’s a superb talent. Check out his latest posting today. Image by M. Janicki via Flickr Here is a recent case I completed. I place Astra Tech dental implants and

May 17, 2011 News Social networkingTrends in Dental Education

Introducing CheckDent,the Social Network for Dental Health

by ken

2011-12-12 14:28:54

May 15, 2011 News General News

Why being wrong is good for you

by ken

There is an absolutely fascinating website called TED: Ideas worth spreading at www.ted.com. This particular entry should resonate with all dentists, our default setting is to assume we are close to omniscient….as dentists we are masters of our own domain in

May 10, 2011 News Endodontics

Yee Olde Strip and Perf…….verily and foresooth

by ken

From the ROOTS forum Here is the 2 year follow up after  iatrogenic perforation on mesial root #47. I has started as a regular re-retreatment with under preparated RC system, short filling in both roots. After I’ve got apical patency

April 29, 2011 News Preventive Dentistry

Dental intelligence is not an oxymoron

by ken

Dental Intelligence is a stellar website – do check it out…..www.dental-intelligence.com Check out the articles as well as the blog entries – of note http://www.dental-intelligence.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/IMG-2.pdf But of greater importance is the article on Bob Barkley and his philosophy http://www.dental-intelligence.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Brown-Article-on Barkley_v2.pdf

April 25, 2011 News Orthodontics

Orthodudes – inquiring minds wanna know – Damon or Damien 666

by ken

Not being an orthodontist, controversy over technique and systems is a bit off my radar…..however, there is certainly an awareness of the concerns re; the ubiquitous and uncertified use of Invisalign and now there appears to be a brouhaha about

March 23, 2011 News Implantology

Natural Dental Implants and Absolute Ceramics launch manufacturing and marketing partnership at IDS

by ken

berlin, germany – march 22, 2011 – berlin-based natural dental implants ag,the developer of the replicate non-surgical tooth replacement system™,today announced its partnership with absolute ceramics, a leading manufacturer of all-ceramic dental restorations using state-of-the-art cad / cam technology.  absolute ceramics