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May 15, 2020 News Blogs

Use YouTube Analytics to Fine-Tune Your Dental Video Marketing

by Ekwa Marketing

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February 24, 2020 News Blogs

Revamp Your Dental YouTube Channel for More Views

by Ekwa Marketing

Interested in contributing to Oral Health Group’s dental blog? Email marley@newcom.ca for more information!

January 13, 2020 News BlogsSocial NetworkingYouTube

YouTube: The Dental Marketing Goldmine You Might be Missing

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

A website alone is no longer enough to effectively market your dental practice online. If you want to reach the greatest audience and keep up with the latest digital trends, you need to be on social media. You’ve probably heard

May 28, 2019 Feature Dental HygieneOral Health

How YouTube Has Made Me A Better Hygienist

by Irene Iancu, BSc, RDH, CTDP

Some people look to YouTube for educational videos and others look for entertainment. When you think of YouTube, what is your first instinct? Have you ever thought that YouTube could make you a better clinician? Advertisement I write articles from

April 8, 2019 News BlogsSocial mediaYouTube

Create a Successful Dental YouTube Marketing Campaign

by Ekwa Marketing
August 31, 2011 News YouTube

Whoa – oh – whoa – listen to the music

by ken

Bit of humour for September first – Aside from what you learn on YOU TUBE – the music is amazing!!!  Like something out of Mission Impossible………now there’s a thought, Mission Impossible V – Tom Cruise plays a super agent dentist…….

August 27, 2011 News Marketing strategies

Branding: Honour excellence not commodity

by ken

I’m in mourning at the resignation of Steve Jobs – it is the end of those who can effect change through passion. “When commentators list the most influential people of all time, Steve Jobs is usually right on top. And

August 26, 2011 News ElearningYouTube

There’s one thing I’m certain of; return I will to old Brazil

by ken

Since 1998, I have been a member of a forum called ROOTS. It has provided me with daily collegial education ever since. Like any discussion forum, there is the usual coterie of egos, flaming and silliness. But, like anything where

August 4, 2011 News APPs

You KNEAD an iPAD……

by ken

It boggles the mind… Here are 15 reasons why your dental practice Needs an iPad: Using the KeyNote app you can show your patients powerful before and after pictures in a creative presentation. Have more than one office? Conduct a staff meeting

July 29, 2011 News YouTube

Now is the time for all good dentists to come to the aid of your country’s premier journal

by ken

Before I prattle on, please review YOU TUBE vignette on this posting….We are in the midst of revising the website, making it chockablock with social media CONNECTIVITY, the future of all communications and education worldwide……..textbooks are soon to disappear in

July 6, 2011 News Marketing strategiesNew TechnologiesPractice managementTrends in Dental EducationWebsites

On a clear day you can see “the obvious”

by ken

The world of online “forever” just got even better. YouTube wants to help you make your own practice animations for patient education purposes. Granted it will take time, but with MacOS Lion about to launch and iMovie used by most

June 29, 2011 News Social networking

The operative word is “young”

by ken

2011-12-12 14:39:45

June 26, 2011 News Elearning

How Consumer Technology & User-Generated Content Are Changing Ed-Tech

by ken

By Audrey Watters – June 26, 2011 – from ReadWriteWeb Once you’ve read the blog posting, view both the video clips from YOUTUBE – one explains the concept, the other demonstrates it in the most incredible way possible – editor

June 15, 2011 News Elearning

More and more, the folks are gittin’ it!!!

by ken

From Dr. Bicuspid – June 14, 2011 They have social networking icons – SOBBBBBB!!!!! Heraeus Kulzer is offering free instructional videos on YouTube, including 30 clips covering a range of topics, such as impression techniques, posterior restorations, and live demonstrations

April 27, 2011 News Marketing strategies

A video series!!!! I’m farklempt, talk amongst yourselves…will it float?

by ken

From PRWeb – April 27, 2011 Tri Hawk Corporation announced today the premiere of the first in a series of videos demonstrating the ability of its Talon burs to cut supposedly impenetrable materials. The 3-minute video can be viewed on

April 16, 2011 News OrthodonticsSocial networking

Need an orthodontist – forget YooHoo to a neighbour – just YOOOOOTOOOOOOB

by ken

It should come as no surprise.  My four year old granddaughter keeps me appraised of her tuition needs for the Fashion Institute of Technology with daily emails of her renderings for her own boutique line of couture inspirations and my

April 16, 2011 News Social networking

So you think all this blather about social networking for your practice is boring eh hoser?

by ken

Sourcing the content for this blog means sifting through the chaff to find the wheat, shucking oysters to find the pearl, listening to anything by the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney in the past 30 years to find a glimmer

March 31, 2011 News EndodonticsRestorative

Proof – this is pudding – you’re validated

by ken

Just received this in the email moments ago……..have been looking for comments to be posted to this blog as the intention is to take the email blasts we receive from companies which invariably are posted to any number of dental

March 25, 2011 News Keeping you guessing

New YouTube tools make anyone an animator

by ken

By Molly McHugh from Digital Trends – We feel a surge of viral videos in the making! YouTube puts animation controls at your fingertips with newly integrated apps. There’s a camera included on just about electronic device these days, so

December 6, 2010 News Keeping you guessing

If you ever needed a reason to suggest Sensodyne to you patients

by kevin

In the wake of a bleaching promotion I’ve found myself talking to a lot of patients about their sensitive teeth. Most of them use Sensodyne and say that it helps, so I support the brand. And after seeing this spot