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Paid Loupes, Headlights and Intuitive Response — Oh My!

September 12, 2022
by Irene Iancu, BSc, RRDH, CTDP, OM

How four little lights can be so different?

Have you ever treated a patient in a dimly lit operatory with little overhead lighting or, on the contrary, an intrusive hot overhead light? For my fellow hygiene peeps who have integrated loupes and headlights into your daily routines, could you imagine practicing without them? I’m confident that most of our dental hygiene community would offer a collective and definitive no!

It’s well-known that appropriate magnification and illumination can improve clinicians’ visual acuity, ergonomics, and diagnostic accuracy. That said, it wasn’t long ago that surgical loupes were merely optional, and portable LED lights were non-existent. But as our industry rapidly evolves, loupes and headlights are considered standards of care. Loupes coupled with a good light source is in our best interest as hygienists, instead of just magnification. Different variations are available for specific procedures, so it’s essential to choose the option that works best for you.

I’ve previously outlined in past articles that loupes are an evidence-based strategy to improve clinical performance and outcomes. The leading cause of musculoskeletal disorders for dental professionals stems from cumbersome back postures when treating our valued patients. There are several ways to implement the science of ergonomics in our field to alleviate chronic pain and discomfort and provide significant additional benefits for our eyes and patients. Loupes not only improve the quality of our clinical work but also offer more precise diagnoses. Alongside enhanced visualization and magnification of the oral cavity, the loupes created by Designs for Vision improve ergonomics in our field by providing necessary eye relief and correct working posture that allow us to practice more comfortably and efficiently. Imagine also incorporating a portable headlight — you’ve just stepped up your hygiene game!

Before I discuss Designs for Vision’s imaging headlights, I’d like to debunk a common misconception: long-term loupes use negatively affects our bodies. Dental loupes are merely an optical aid for clinicians to view an enhanced image of the fine details within the oral cavity. With musculoskeletal and postural effects of using dental loupes, substantial evidence supports using loupes to improve operator positioning and reduce physical pain.1 They do not cause or correct vision problems, as long as you are using the right pair — and the right pair should fit your exact measurements and visual requirements. This includes the working distance, declination angle, magnification power, and interpupillary distance.

The new High Definition Imaging headlamps from Designs for Vision are equipped with an advanced photonics design and optically focused LED that provides 45 percent more light and increased modularity. The WireLess and Corded models were designed to suit clinicians’ individual needs and easily clip onto existing loupes, so let’s get into the details.

Starting with the LED Daylight Micro HD, this small, wired, and very popular headlight weighs just 0.5 ounces, clips to your existing loupes, and allows you to place the 360-degree swivel and battery pack strategically to accommodate your working position. The attached Kevlar cord has a one-year warranty, equipped with two clips to secure it safely, so it doesn’t become tangled. As a bonus, it includes cord placement wraps to help secure the cord to the arm of the frame to prevent any interference with your line of vision. The included two batteries have a two-year warranty, an on/off switch, are suitable for 1200 recharges, and will last six hours on the high brightness intensity (55,000 lux) and 12 hours on medium (30,000 lux).

Another variation is the LED Daylight Micro with Intuitive Response (IR). With the same battery life, and the Micro Power Pack weighing in at 0.5 oz, the added IR technology allows the clinician to program the light. It can automatically turn on when the head is positioned in a downward working position and off when the head is lifted. Though this model does come with a slight learning curve, it’s well worth your time to enjoy its benefits.

For a cord-free, no battery pack option, the LED DayLite WireLess Mini HDi is 50 percent lighter in weight than other cordless models. This model will illuminate the entire oral cavity while providing 34,000 lux of natural white light. Powered by a single, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, an easy twist of the top cap turns the light on or off. This model includes three batteries and a charging cradle to recharge two batteries simultaneously. This version is also available with IR technology, offering an utterly touch-free operation and eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination. Both weigh in at 1.5 and 2.0 ounces.


Now that I’ve explained some of the intuitive options available, it’s up to you to choose your own adventure. Think about your day-to-day routine, upcoming procedures and patients, and how the new headlights available from Design for Vision can enhance your hygiene career.

LoupesLED DayLite Wireless Mini HDi

Battery Type: 3 Lithium Ion batteries. 90 min battery life.

charges 2 at a time

Weight 1.5oz

34,000 Lux intensity




LED DayLite Wireless (IR) HDi IR= Intuitive Response Touch free. Two batteries are charging at the same time. 2-hour battery life. 45,000 lux high-intensity mode 33.000 lux light at medium intensity. Weight 2 ozLED DayLite Wireless (IR) HDi

IR= Intuitive Response Touch free.

Two batteries are charging at the same time. 2-hour battery life.

45,000 lux high-intensity mode

33.000 lux light at medium intensity.

Weight 2 oz



LoupesLED Daylite Micro HDi

Two Battery packs (2.5 0z) 10-hour run time.

55,000 lux on high intensity

30,000 lux on medium intensity

Weight 0.5 oz





LED DayLite Micro (IR) HDi

IR- Intuitive response when tilting the head up and down.

Two Battery packs (2.5 0z) 10-hour run time.

55,000 lux on high intensity

30,000 lux on medium intensity

Weight 0.5 oz




  1. Aldosari MA. Magnification Loupes: An Update of the Evidence. J Contemp Dent Pract 2021;22(3):310–315.

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