Phillips ZOOM WhiteSpeed Lamp

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This month’s product for review is Phillips Zoom In-Office whitening system which is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 8 shades!


3 packages arrived neatly and carefully packaged. Including a large box with patient kits, take home and in-office whitening materials and a neatly rolled up box with marketing posters and material.

In the largest box, the treatment lamp for in-office treatment treatments was carefully and safely packaged. Detailed instructions on how to assemble were included, but with such an intuitive design we were able to assemble the pieces effortlessly without the use of any tools other than a provided hex key.


Phillips has been perfecting their system for over 10 years and is available in both Canada and the US markets. Their Advanced blue LED technology provides about 50K hours of use, reducing operating costs, downtime and decreasing energy consumption by 40% over previous models.


Patient Selection:

When selecting a patient for treatment here are some disqualifying characteristic to consider:

  • Periodontal involvement.
  • Failing restorations.
  • Overall unhealthy oral health and overall health. Consulting with a physician is a good idea if you’re concerned about medical contraindications.
  • Women who are pregnant of breast feeding.
  • Not recommended for those under the age of 13.

My amazing patient was fantastic, with limited experience whitening his teeth and a tobacco user he was very excited to brighten his smile and we both were really happy when we we achieved 6 full shades within 4 sessions of 15 minutes.

Something I LOVED:

  • I’m absolutely obsessed with the 3 LED light intensities to better control operative sensitivity, or the potential of it. We conducted 2 sessions at “High” one at “Medium” and the final at “Low”.
  • The price point is competitive but offers a great product. The WhiteSpeed Lamp will run you about $1,649 and the Patient kit ranges between $185- $205 (for 2 patients) which puts the cost of treatment per patient at a super reasonable amount for a great predictable outcome.

Predictable outcomes with whitening is something we dental peeps love, working smarter not harder is the #Goal.

Watch the tutorial video below:

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