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Loupes or Microscope – Perhaps both?

When we try something new, it changes our perspective and allows us to see things differently. When we see things differently, we view things we previously missed, allowing us to experience new possibilities. And this new possibility is the ergonomically designed Infinity VUE loupes by Designs for Vision.

I think it’s crucial to discuss the importance of ergonomics in dentistry and how the stress of improper ergonomics can take a severe toll on our bodies. Even at the beginning of your career, you were likely developing minor repetitive stress injuries before you graduated dental hygiene school. Whether you’ve experienced back, neck or wrist pain, these issues can potentially lead to more significant injuries throughout your career.

As much as I love my other loupes, I don’t know how I’ll ever go back. I believe that we, unfortunately, compromise our posture daily. Despite using excellent loupes that help with our vision in dental hygiene practice and restorative work, we often still experience unwanted pain, even when the loupes are measured perfectly.

Peeps, there is no better time than now to examine how proper ergonomics can positively affect your health. Optically based on the brand’s Micro Expanded Field Loupes, the new Infinity VUE loupes can significantly improve your working posture and comfort. Designed to provide a straightforward approach to ergonomics, this model of loupes keeps your chin up, your neck straight, and your eyes forward while viewing the magnified surgical field. So say goodbye to musculoskeletal injuries and hello to more efficient practice.

For the past 25 years, Designs for Vision have custom-made prism down loupes for clinicians by special request. Once word spread about the prismatic and Keplerian design that uses dual roof prisms, other clinicians were intrigued and wanted to test them out for themselves. The company’s only concern about the ergonomic loupes was the learning curve attached to the new design. But thankfully, Designs for Vision decided that clinicians would likely invest in both time and effort to learn how to properly use the new loupes because, let’s be honest, the benefits are absolutely worth it.

I got my first pair less than a month ago. Within one day of practicing with them, I fell in love, not only with the ability to see closer than my previous 2.5x magnification; the 3.0x magnification gave me just a little bit more depth. In addition, my body thanked me at the end of the day. I experienced less strain on my neck, lower back, and that little spot behind my right shoulder blade that often feels like it’s on fire was nearly undetectable. I’ve had many years of damage in my professional life, so this was a pleasant outcome. However, I wasn’t surprised. I’ve been reading about Microscope dentistry for a few years and always thought how interesting that would be in loupe form, an attainable goal for me at least. So here it was, the opportunity to experience that mimicked seating position.


  • 3.0 and 3.5x magnification
  • Custom built to each individual’s unique measurements
  • Precision coated optics
  • Dual roof prisms to bend the image in the line of sight without distortion
  • Same comfortable frame as previous models (Yeoman)
  • Designed and developed by a science-backed, reputable company

With ergonomic-inspired habits and tools, like these microscope-inspired loupes, designs thoughtfully with proven outcomes as the predecessor microscope dentistry has demonstrated, we can avoid unwanted pain and stress on our bodies and enjoy long and healthy careers as dental hygienists.

Aces down the line @Designs4Vision! Well done on these beauties!

Watch the video below:

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