Philips Power Flosser 3000

Floss Like A Boss With The Philips Power Flosser 3000

Besides being great clinical providers for optimal patient care, we work tirelessly as educators to teach and provide dental education to each person who sits in our chairs. Our role as dental professionals is to reinforce the importance of proper oral care, and one of the most imperative topics to cover is the significant benefits of daily interproximal cleaning.

The question then becomes, is flossing with physical dental floss better or equal to using mechanical interdental plaque or debris removal?

As dental professionals, we know that brushing alone only cleans approximately 60 percent of the tooth surface. The other 40 percent remains uncleaned unless you are diligent with some form of interdental aid. Unlike a toothbrush, which cleans the occlusal, mesial, and distal surfaces of the teeth and gums, flossing ensures that the hard-to-reach areas that a toothbrush simply can’t reach are properly cleaned. As you are well aware, flossing protects our gums by effectively eliminating tiny, trapped food particles where the gums and teeth meet. Bacteria that flourish in an unhealthy mouth create bad breath, cavities, tartar buildup, gum disease, and can even harm the rest of the body, potentially leading to heart disease, diabetes, respiratory illness, and more.

While it may seem daunting to continuously convince our patients to floss regularly, perhaps a more advanced, non-traditional method is the trick. Enter the Philips Power Flosser 3000 – a hygienist-approved tool for at-home oral care that is said to be 180 percent more effective than string floss at improving gingival health.

The Philips Power Flosser 3000 includes the following features: two flossing modes (clean & deep clean), ten intensities/pressure settings, two different nozzles, a 550ml removable water reservoir, and a multi-voltage power supply.

Let’s talk about two intuitive features of the Philips Power Flosser 3000: Quad-Stream Technology and Pulse Wave Technology. A unique, cross-shaped nozzle creates four-wide streams for a thorough clean interproximally and along the gingival margin in just one minute. Pulse Wave Technology provides brief pauses in the cleaning pulsations to prompt patients to glide the nozzle to the next interproximal space. Not only is this water flosser whisper-quiet for a more enjoyable flossing experience, but each of the two included nozzles ensures a whole-mouth clean. What more could a patient ask for?

Well, peeps, that’s not all. The Philips Power Flosser 3000, with a retail price of CAD 89.99, is an ideal flossing option for ortho and perio patients but can also be used by those looking for a more convenient and effective flossing routine. Designed for patients aged seven and up, this water flosser is also entirely safe for mothers to use during pregnancy and while nursing.

Just two to five percent of people floss regularly, so remember the next time you ask your patients about their flossing habits, keep in mind that lying through their teeth does not count! Flossing is an essential step in maintaining a healthy mouth, and the Philips Power Flosser 3000 can ensure just that.

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