Powerful New-Patient Experiences

Tips for Delivering Powerful New-Patient Experiences Part 1

When you sit down with a new patient for the first time, it’s not only you that’s assessing them. The patient is conducting an exam of their own. They are assessing “YOU”! Can I trust you? Do you care about me? Do you know what you are doing?

And, through a guided self-discovery that is led by the questions you ask, the patient is also assessing “THEMSELVES” and tuning into their needs & desires.

In this two-part video, Peter Barry will walk you through his strategy for delivering an inspiring & empowering experiences to each and every New Patient you serve.

Tips for Delivering Powerful New-Patient Experiences Part 2

Peter Barry C.M.C., R.R.D.H.

Transformational Trainer & Strategic Enhancement Coach

For more than 15 years, Peter Barry has empowered dental professionals with a unique coaching support process for extraordinary growth, higher income, and exceptional quality of life. He is the founder of “Practice Mastery” a Business and Life Coaching company that serves the growth & development needs of your practice. Peter is a speaker, writer, Certified Management Consultant, Restorative Dental Hygienist and Member of the National Speaking Consulting Network as well as the Academy of Dental Management Consultants. He has over 20 years’ experience in leadership, teambuilding and project development as a Practice Success Coach and through the National Coaching Association. As the creator of “The Dental Olympics Advantage™ Growth & Development Training Programs” he provides customized group and one-on-one success training to dental teams across North America.

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