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Weekly Wisdom: Buying New vs Existing Practices

by Oral Health


In this episode of Weekly Wisdom, David Chong Yen CPA, CA, CFP discusses kinetic vs static energy and how the concept relates to the business of dentistry.



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2 Comments » for Weekly Wisdom: Buying New vs Existing Practices
  1. Well said David. Our research indicates that break-even is now a 3 to 5 year cycle for a new practice start-up requiring the use of Lines of Credit, personal credit cards or personal funds matching the cost of the start up at the outset.

    • Dean says:

      Of course, the broker says to buy an existing practice based on inflated appraisals and practice potential.

      I have and rather build practices from scratch. Sure, positive cash flow is not there day one but so is not a million dollar loan. Getting a superior location is the key.

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