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At Astra Tech Dental we aim to provide dental professionals with the freedom of unlimited possibilities when it comes to implant therapy. Our products and solutions are designed to help make your job easier, but we never compromise on reliable long-term function and esthetics, all for the benefit of the patient.

The Astra Tech Implant System™

Astra Tech BioManagement Complex™

The Astra Tech Implant System™ allows you to provide your patients with superior results: predictable, reliable and simple, with outstanding esthetics. It gives you the flexibility to manage every clinical situation and to adapt to different challenges as they arise:

  • One system for all indications
  • Suitable for both one-stage and two-stage surgery
  • Designed for immediate and early restoration
  • Restorative freedom and simplicity

By streamlining our range of components and instruments, we make clinical procedures easier, as well as less time- and cost-consuming. Our system includes a minimum of interchangeable components, yet allows maximum restorative flexibility -one system for all indications.

Facilitate™ -computer guided implant treatment

Facilitate™ Software DVD

Facilitate™ helps to ensure accuracy and contributes to avoid unpleasant surprises during implant surgery. It also provides better control over the esthetic outcome. The concept is based on a 3D visualization of the patient’s anatomy and the software enables you to measure and locate vital structures, such as the mandibular nerve, sinus cavities and nasal floor. 

The software program also contains 3D images of implants, abutments and teeth. This ensures efficient, accurate and reliable planning of implant positions, sizes and number of implants, and abutments to be used. When the case is planned, a surgical guide is ordered to make sure that the planning result will be replicated in the real surgical situation. The surgical guide and instruments are specifically designed for the Astra Tech Implant System™.

Atlantis™ -patient-specific abutments

Atlantis abutments

Atlantis is the leading CAD/CAM solution for patient-specific abutments in the US. The secret behind the success is the patented software, Atlantis VAD™ (Virtual Abutment Design) used by Astra Tech to design the abutments. With Atlantis VAD, abutments are uniquely designed from the final tooth shape for a more natural esthetic result and optimal mechanical properties.

This patented process provides unlimited possibilities and patient-specific solutions for single, multiple and full arch units. Atlantis abutments improve the final esthetic result for all major implant systems.

Cresco™ -screw-retained solutions for a perfect fit every time

Cresco API kit

When it comes to screw-retained implant bridges, Cresco™ is proving to be the preferred choice of both clinicians and dental technicians. The reason is simple: freedom and perfect fit every time. Cresco is a straightforward, easy-to-use solution and is available in different framework materials for all major implant systems.

Advantages with Cresco™:

  • Angulation for optimal esthetics. 
  • Available for all major implant systems in different  framework materials.
  • Cresco API™ kit – All Parts Included for simplicity.
  • Perfect fit every time.

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