Submission Guidelines for Oral Health Group

Oral Health Group welcomes original articles to their editorial environment and is proud to be how original works are introduced to the dental profession in Canada. When submitting an original manuscript, remember to include and/or consider the following depending on applicability to your article:


Department: Oral Health Journal, Oral Health Office, Oral Hygiene, Next Gen, Oral Health Blogs.

Freelance agreement: This will be sent to you after the article is approved and is mandatory for all the contributing authors. Please Note: You own the rights to your article.

Article: Please submit the final article to us, not a draft. Oral Health Journal word count: 1,000-6,000. All other departments: 500-2,000. Please use an active voice form in the article.

Title/Headline: Keep the article title concise (50-70 characters / 5-10 words.)

Byline: All contributing authors’ names and degree credentials in the preferred order.

Author bios: A few short sentences as the author’s bio for all the authors (approx. 100 words in total.)

Captions: Each illustration provided should be identified and described by a short caption as needed.

Disclaimer: Authors must disclose any financial interests in companies manufacturing/distributing products or services mentioned.

Acknowledgements: If applicable, between 60-80 words.

References: Superscript intext and numbered list. Please highlight intext references in yellow. (1-4)

For reprint submission: Please add the publication credits with written confirmation from the publisher.


  • Should be carefully labelled (and called out in the text of the article. Please highlight the intext image reference. Ex. Fig. 1)
  • All artwork, images, and illustrations should be saved at the highest resolution possible (300 dpi or greater and a minimum width of 3 inches).
  • Images should be saved as TIF, JPEG, or EPS only. Please do not send them as PowerPoint presentations or embedded in Word files.
  • Third-party sites (ex: WeTransfer or Dropbox) are accepted for large files. Authors should only submit images they have the right/permission to use. Images found online, etc., are not accepted for copyright reasons.  

All articles for Oral Health are subject to approval by the editorial board. Articles submitted for Oral Health Office, Oral Hygiene and Next Gen are subject to approval by the Managing Editor.

Please reach out to our team regarding videos and podcasts or for additional inquiries.

We look forward to your submission!

Managing Editor: Tanya Arora

Digital Content Coordinator: Marley Gieseler (416)-510-6777 or