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Autotransplanation – tooth #4.8 to tooth #4.7

2011-12-12 13:54:03

March 24, 2011
by ken

Hello Everyone,


Here is a Autotransplantation case from


16 y/o male. Med Hx: Non-contributory. RCT initiated at
first visit, tooth deemed non-restorable due to subgingival buccal caries.
Ca(OH)2 placed
to allow
for some reduction in PA inflammation.


Envelope flap. #4.7 and #4.8 elevated and extracted.
#4.8 placed in Hanks
Balance Salt Solution during
manipulation of socket. Extractions done with OS. I
removed all undercuts and
reduced the septal bone of the recipient site ~4mm to
allow for #4.8 to
be in


I sutured the site of #4.8 and the M & D papilla, then
splinted #4.5, #4.6, and the new #4.7.


Any advice is much appreciated!


Farid Brian Shaikh D.M.D.

Albert Einstein Medical Center




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