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Call for clinical case reports – that means you and you and you…

January 6, 2012
by ken

Managed to wrangle WordPress outta the Austin Powers that bee at Biz Group, still working on a Facebook page, Twitter and YOUTUBE channel, but hey Rome and the Toronto subway system weren’t built in a day………polling and the response explaining the process for encryption of files and inter-office communication shall have to wait till…….hmmm, when is doomsday – Rolin, Gordan, Jeff, seriously, you can run, but hide in the Internet era?  Regardless, it’s long long overdue for folks to do more than not comment, they need to share their clinical efforts. Take it one step beyond where you read Oral Health, share what you do in Oral Health. We know you’re out there, we can hear you breathing and the air leak from your high evac suction, to say nothing of the hum from the stepup transformer feeding the electrical demand for all your new tekkie stuff. If you can go CAT skiing in the interior of BC, you can find a moment or three to share a case of any kind or the druther……really, endo is the seminal foundational therapy in treatment planning, but surely to goodness, someone is doing something exciting that they wish to share with their colleagues…..email address is on the page, send images along with some text from your iPHONE, your BlackeningBerry, by carrier pigeon, or Pony Express………did I mention we’re still working on polling….

This was a colleague, presenting with a big swelling on the palate. She contacted me to ask my opinion about the treatment, she was very pessimistic whether it would be possible to retreat this tooth, because the previous dentist who carried out this rct was not able to negotiate the canal to full WL. She asked me if it would be a better idea to go directly to an OS, instead of coming to me for a retreatment. I am always amazed how little confidence some dentists have in carrying out a retreatment, even in their own mouth……I could convince her that if it were my tooth, I would have it retreated. After the first session, the symptoms subsided, and we did some internal bleaching. She was happy with the result. I truly hope that I changed her mind on predictability of retreatments.

Marga Ree – Netherlands

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