Certify me, certify you blues, PART – it never ends.

SEE ME: files.me.com/ken.serota160/cuglvy

FEEL ME: US site: http://www.kodakdental.com/en/digital-imaging/extraoral-3d-imaging/9000/clinical-cases.aspx

TOUCH ME: Canada site: http://ca.kodakdental.com/en/digital-imaging/extraoral-3d-imaging/9000/clinical-cases.aspx


As may or may not be apparent, depending on whether my family are the only folks reading these cbCT postings, I find the need to be certified to purchase small FOV cbCT equipment in Ontario – scandalous……..frankly, a lecture format certification course for whatever amount of money is in NO WAY POSSIBLE,going to make the enduser a full blown radiologist.  In fact,logic dictates, that when you spend 6 figures on a piece of equipment, you’ll make sure it’s maintained and given the potential litigation issues, you also make darned sure, you know which end of the beam is up.

Learning to use cbCT, let’s be clear, I’m an endude, and I’m talking only small FOV cbCT is the least injurious of all scans, if you can even consider it injurious. BUT FROM A DIAGNOSTIC STANDPOINT, there is nothing better…. see links above.

The funds being used to “certify”, why do I smell HST in that verbiage, would be best spent on building a singing and dancing website that would truly demonstrate pathology entities detectable by cone beam tomography – oh wait, there are such sites as indicated above, and the value is literally rampaging through the literature.

The tone of this entry is dedicated to those who have issues with either the tone or the abuse of privilege being demonstrated in Ontario……..now, let’s chat up the reality of how faculties should be used the Internet for archives of data, animations, webinars, interactive forums for treatment planning et al…………..or not, you snooze you lose.

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