Coltene Selects Viva Learning™ for New CE Website

The failiure of most dental companies to truly embrace social networking for CE purposes is a sad commentary on their corporate responsibility. Certainly, their corporate goals and objectives are to sell product and return a higher share price to their stockholders, but they also have to be good corporate citizens and to that end, a website that is all inclusive beyond just being an

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online store is a strong example of their level of commitment.  By way of example, visit or or to see what the endo world is doing…it should prove most instructive.  Fortunately someone finally “gits it”…………….check out what Coltene/Whaledent has done…….and realize that with the creation of an arms length nexus, a discussion forum off say …hmmmm Oral Health……….how far can you raise the bar………VERY VERY FAR!

Coltène/Whaledent Inc., a subsidiary of COLTENE Holding AG (SIX Swiss Stock Exchange), has selected Learn HealthSci Inc. and Viva Learning™ for their Internet-based continuing education initiatives. The new Coltène/Whaledent Viva website,,
will offer a variety of dental educational content in the form of
interactive, live CE webinars, CE webinar archives,product training
videos and How to Guides. Interactive and self-study continuing
education credit will be available with selected online webinars.

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