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November 10, 2011
by ken

This will either be a huge harangue at the horror being visited upon Ontario dentists in regards to mandated encryption, or a reference to the algorithm of success that the MB2 canal generates in regard to treatment outcome – see HRH Stephen L. Buchanan article in Dentistry Today Catalogue of dental products and supporting literature.

First as to encryption – have offered this blog as a forum for those dentoids what are making it a reality for the rest of the profession in Ontario, but I suspect they are in fear of being lynched or tarred and feathered first and as such won’t engage in a constructive dialogue. Nope, better it should just be foisted on us so that we walk around like BAMBI in the headlights for years.
MB2 – check this series out…………now if someone would share similar content on implants or ortho, or perio, or Invisalign or the use of Cadent iTero or Cerec, I’d be willing to bear your children in the immortal words of Catherine O’Hara.

I’ve only inserted 3 of 20 cases…….those who want to see the other 17, COMMENT and I’ll post them……..problem has been I’ve tried to put the 20 up 5 times and the server crashes.
Personally, I think it’s the IT person from the BIZ Group being naughty……..she really doesn’t like me because I’m relentless about getting off Moveable Type and at least moving to Word Press.

Same applies to the dentoids working on encryption for the Royal College – completely afraid to enter a dialogue and explain the concept,their beliefs and why they are doing this in camera with our licensing body when even the computer vendors are looking in disbelief at this insanity…………ask your lawyers if his/her files and communication are secure – of course they are,encrypted and his/her communications encrypted – NOT ON YOUR LIFE…

Someone would have to be awful desperate to make money out of peddling someone’s endo procedure and pix of their root canals for salacious purposes….Markic, Glaizel……..come out from the shadows, the challenge is upfront and very personal.

Upper First Molar.001.jpg
Upper First Molar.005.jpg

Upper First Molar.020.jpg

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