Endodontic retreatment of failing Thermafill obturation

Before I present this case, I’d like to clarify that many of these entries are obtained by scouring the Internet, looking at primary sources such as Dr. Bicuspid and Dental Tribune and then looking deeper into their resources for addendum material. In a majority of the entries, the information is simply topical and FYI…..the byline wherein my name is referenced is not an indication that I WROTE IT, but rather that I posted it…..it is a default inclusion from the application MOVEABLE TYPE. Should anyone reading this material feel that their contribution has been misrepresented, then please, let us know and we will correct it to their satisfaction. The end game and bottom line is to present information on the blog that is salient and relevant to the profession. These are not op-ed pieces, they are simply informatics from the wealth of data that infuses the Internet hourly.
This case was sent by Rafaël Michiels DDS, MS Parklaan 119 2300 Turnhout Leopoldplein 14

3500 Hasselt Belgium www.ontzenuwen.be. It is a retreatment of a Thermafill case……they are not always easy, the failures are usually a reflection of improper shaping which results in stripping of the gutta percha from the carrier………the bottom line is that the difference between a silver cone and gutta percha and an acrylic carrier and gutta percha is “not so much”. The gravitometric density of the obturating material is a factor in the success of the endodontic procedure – as concluded by the Toronto Studies of Dr. Friedman and his post-doctoral students…..you can’t obturate anything in two dimensions, but you can obturate badly in three dimensions if there is an obstructive entity in the rheologic flow of the obturating material………word to the wise.

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