Guide to Going Digital

Dr. Larry Emmott is one of the leading authorties on dental high tech.  The following is from his latest blog entry…………..

Digital Radiography is one of the most exciting and fastest growing technologies in dentistry. It is also the area with the most misinformation……….with dentists who either do buy digital for the wrong reasons or don’t buy for the wrong reasons.

His comprehensive technology guide, “Digital Radiography” exposes nine myths about digital radiography and it will answer the basic question…Why bother? It then provides step by step help choosing and then setting up digital x-rays.  Unfortunately, there is a cost for the information contained in the Technology Guide. It is not the policy of Oral Health or this blog to “shill” for anyone or any company. However, in the case of digital radiography, mistakes are consequential and costly……in this case, a price above rubies. Click on the link “Digital Radiography” and decide on your own.

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