Looking for a locum? Health and Dental Tourism: What’s Happening in Hungary, Turkey & Oklahoma?

The fact that ANYTHING is happening in Oklahoma warrants this blog entry.

From Worldental.org – June 1, 2011

In Hungary, the dental tourism profits reach a stunning 227 million Euros annually,which means that the country has got as much as 40% share of the entire European tourism market. However,Hungary sets the stakes even higher, and wants to achieve a figure two times higher in the following three years.

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According to the statement of Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, dental tourism is what will set the economy of the country back on track. There will be made huge investments in the dental care field, in order to be abler to offer even higher standard care for the patients that choose Hungary as their primary spot. Moreover, Hungarian dentists are going to be kept at home by being offered incentives.

On the other hand, Turkey has also become quite a favored dental tourism spot by foreign patients. Even medical and dental tourists from the US are traveling to Turkey for quality and cheap dental care.

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